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20th May 2008

This Update:
Mark Roberts Motion Control at Cine Gear Expo - June 20th 2008
New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels
The Ulti-Head - Head to head with a gorilla
Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne
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*** Mark Roberts Motion Control at Cine Gear Expo - June 20th 2008 ***

Next month Mark Roberts Motion Control will be showing the new Talos motion control rig at Cinegear. This will be the first appearance of the hugely popular Talos in North America since its debut at IBC, Amsterdam, in September last year. Since its release the Talos has worked on numerous locations around the world, and this rig will now be available from Camera Control Inc. in Santa Monica.

The Talos is an 8 axis moco system, designed for accuracy, speed, rigidity, portability and all the qualities the Milo is known for but in a smaller more compact version, designed to fit through standard doorways and about half the weight of the Academy Award winning Milo.

The Talos runs off the industry standard Flair software, giving full integration with CGI packages. It can move with speeds in excess of 8ft per second and includes the motions of track, lift, rotate, pan, tilt, focus, zoom, iris, with plenty of room for additions like model movers.

On show will also be the motion control Ulti-head, now with full wireless facilities as well as the Modula’ Base which offers high speed motion control tracking shots.

Everyone is welcome to visit. We look forward to seeing you there.


*** New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels ***

The features built into the MSA-20 Handwheels have been recently expanded with the addition of time-lapse shooting, to play back a recorded move one frame at a time or at very slow speeds. We have also incorporated a complete Preston lens control interface enabling the Preston unit to be used by focus pullers as normal but their lens movements are recorded and can be played back or exported by the MSA-20.

The MSA-20 contains quite a rich variety of filming tools which are not always obvious at first glance, these now include:

Interfacing to the Cooke Lens iData system to record all lens motions and parameters.
Back-Pan compensation to allow the Ulti-Head to automatically compensate for crane motions and keep looking in the same direction.
Time-lapse and Slow mo shooting facilities.
Interfacing to the Preston Lens control system.
Interfacing to Fujinon Digi Zoom lenses.
CGI import and export of move data.
Wireless or wired control of the Ulti-Head.
Full control of additional axes such as Roll, Iris and Model Movers.

*** The Ulti-Head - Head to head with a Gorilla ***

Camera Control Inc. in Santa Monica have over the past several months shot several commercials using their Ulti-Head including this one below for AMP. The Ulti-Head was used on numerous shots allowing the stunt sequences of a gorilla crashing through a glass window to be combined with extras and actors in the cafe scene. The extras and actors were shot safely with one pass. The stunt sequence with gorilla was then shot separately. These passes were then composited in post production.



*** Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne ***

Kinetic Camera in Toronto recently completed shots for the feature film Max Payne, due to be released in October this year. We can’t give you any images at this time, but we can tell you that one of the scenes was an establishing shot of Max, played by Mark Wahlberg, in which the Milo was used to create a 360 degree move around him. The scene was shot in a 20ft square bedroom set, 12ft above the studio floor, and comprised two passes – with a change in lighting, set decoration, wardrobe and make-up.

The other scene was a Phantom camera shot at 1000 frames per second, using a rig, Flair software and MRMC hardware.

Kinetic Camera recently also shot a commercial spot for department store ‘The Bay’. A high speed rig was used controlled with MRMC hardware and Flair software. A Phantom camera shooting at 1000fps was tracked at high speed and repeated for several layers, on three different scenes.

Click on the two pictures below to see this footage, these are passes recorded directly from the Phantom playback and composited together – not the edited versions used in the commercial – but they show the effect nicely.



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