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Motion Control Monthly Round Up – Feb 2021

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the Monthly MRMC Motion Control Round-Up!

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the Monthly MRMC Motion Control Round-Up!

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots! This month’s edition features some incredible work that took place on the set of the upcoming smash hit movie F9, as well as a cameo appearance by our Bolt™ JR+ on the Today Show in the USA and even a spot of yoga 🙂

Bolt & Bolt X on Set with F9

This incredible BTS from Fast & Furious 9 was released by the director Justin Lin this week and showcases a phenomenal action sequence captured by our Bolt & Bolt X camera robots on track. The shoot took place over 4 days and 3 cars were destroyed in the process! Some brilliant work by our UK MRMOCO rentals team that was filmed a couple of years back. We’re super excited to see the final scene in the movie which is released later this year.

Bolt JR+ cameo on the Today Show USA

NBC took a sneak peek behind the scenes with presenter Kevin Sanders getting a virtual tour of Diamond View’s new virtual production studio in Tampa, which features a cameo from our Bolt Jr+! The segment featured a look at how companies are using virtual production in the age of COVID and beyond to enhance their creativity.

Repeat pass yoga poses with 401era & the Bolt Cinebot

The Bolt cinebot was fully stretched this week as it captured some amazing yoga poses with the team at 401era. Check out the BTS below that showcases the behind the scenes and through the lens of how you can use a frame-accurate repeat pass to capture and place multiple copies of the same person in the same shot. All the moves were created in our industry-leading Flair motion control software.

A bit of French Butter and Motion Control helps the strawberries go down

The team over at french butter were tantalising our taste buds with this deliciously shot piece of food porn. The Bolt Cinebot managed to get some incredible close-ups of these strawberries and cream making us wish it was summertime already! Anyone for Pimms?

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