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Introducing the ARC-UHD: The Ultimate 4K PTZ Camera

When MRMC acquired Agile Remote Cameras (ARC), we knew we were onto something special. The ARC-UHD, the latest addition to the ARC family, is designed to be tougher and more reliable than ever before. Featuring a fully ingress-protected design, integrated wiper solution, and best-in-class sensor, it excels in outdoor applications. With seamless integration options and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows, the ARC-UHD is perfect for live sports, reality TV, and challenging environments.

30 Years of the Milo

2024 marks a significant milestone in the history of MRMC as it is 30 years since we launched the groundbreaking Milo motion control rig back in 1994. It has become the industry standard for precise and repeatable camera movements in film and television production. The Milo broke the mould of traditional motion control systems as it introduced new advanced robotics that allowed for more complex, repeatable camera moves with higher precision than had been seen before. Stable enough for macro work, and fast enough for live-action shooting, it has remained a game-changer in the film industry.

The AFC-180+: Redefining Speed and Precision in Broadcast Technology

Discover the AFC-180+, a pinnacle in robotic camera technology originally designed for Formula E. With speeds surpassing 180°+ per second, this sleek device offers unparalleled agility. Equipped with a built-in slip ring for seamless rotation, it excels in high-speed sports environments, enabling precise camera synchronization and virtual graphics integration. Despite its motorsport origins, the AFC-180+ is gaining traction in rental houses for its versatile performance, from studio setups to live events. Integration is seamless with the Mark Roberts Protocol and an accessible API.

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