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How Camera Robotics Empower Virtual Broadcast Production

Increasingly, content creators, sports broadcasters, and news productions aspire to deliver ultimate production quality and unrivaled viewer experiences using new XR technologies. The gold standard of XR-based workflows goes beyond the greenscreen to allow for multi-camera productions that deliver film and commercial quality while maintaining a standard experience for the operators.

Introducing the New Cinebot Mini

We are excited to unveil the new Cinebot Mini, a compact, lightweight, live-action camera robot that gives users full manual control over camera positions — making complex motion control movements simple!

High-Speed Robotics Showreel

Watch our Spring showreel showcasing a variety of content filmed using state-of-the-art MRMC robotics and high-speed Cinebot systems.

Add PTZ Integration To Your Slidekamera Slider Set-Up

Slidekamera has now added PTZ integration to its control ecosystem, giving you the ability to capture dynamic motion shots with full axis control. The initial release is compatible with the Panasonic AW-UE150, which can be integrated with the Kairos controller or Slideye 2.0 software.

Virtual Teleportation: Add Live Camera Motion to Your Remote Chroma Ke

MRMC Broadcast has developed a new approach that allows you to add camera motion to teleportation: to seamlessly bring remote talent into your shot or studio by creating a single moving camera shot synchronised across multiple locations.

Practicalities of PTZ Production: Open Integration Is Key

Central to any successful PTZ production solution is the ability to integrate any combination of PTZ cameras and rails / jib solutions. Connectivity within the system is key, as it allows you to build systems with scale while separating control interfaces.

TIM — A Short Film Made By Robots

We're excited to release our highly anticipated short film, "TIM," (The Invisible Man), created in collaboration with 6 Degrees Romania.

Be Creative With Slidekamera by MRMC’s Vario System

The Slidekamera by MRMC Vario System is used by professional videographers and event producers to mount cameras and accessories in hard-to-reach or discrete places.

NAB 2023 Post Show Unreal Ride

We're thrilled to share highlights from this year's NAB Show where we showcased a range of robotics, including The Unreal Ride in the Central Lobby, and unveiled a new generation of broadcast solutions in the Central Hall.

Access Your Guide to PTZ Enablement Now

Introducing camera motion and automated robotics into this workflow offers a different way to approach and manage growing productions. Integrating this technology isn’t as complicated or expensive as one might think. Immediately, camera robotics help production teams expand interest while delivering practical benefits, particularly when integrating with PTZ cameras.

The Slo Mo Guys slow it down with Bolt on BBC

The Slow Mo Guys made a recent appearance on the BBC to reveal the secrets behind their stunning slow-motion footage.

MRMC to Launch New Sports, Studio Production Gear at 2023 NAB Show

At NAB 2023, MRMC Broadcast will showcase three new products, focusing on sports and studio production in our largest-ever product lineup.

Advanced Training Moco Summit New York

Moco operators from across the globe convened in New York for the first-ever Advanced Motion Control Training Summit.

Get Moving With Slidekamera MRMC Kits

A range of highly-engineered sliders and heads make automated image capture more accessible than ever before.

Introducing Our Curved Rail Solutions

Every time we attend a trade show or event such as ISE that took place recently in Barcelona, we get a lot of interest in our rail solutions and people always ask about curved rail.


As a follow on from the launch Thursday Sessions event which took place in December, Gravity Media the world leading global provider of complex live creative production and media services hosted the second networking night to bring the industry’s broadcast, film and TV community together at their Manchester home in the centre of town at the ABC Buildings, Enterprise City.

Showcse A Flair For Innovation

MRMC was recently featured in Computer Graphics World, where CEO Assaff Rawner reflects on the history of motion control and the continued evolution of Flair.

MRMC Bring it's Motion Expertise to enable PTZ Productions

We have brought our innovative technology to Pro-AV and Broadcast to elevate your PTZ production with our automated camera tracking and robotics solutions. Free up your production and operation teams with our Polymotion Chat subject tracking, and dd dynamic movement with our range of rail and jib solutions.

Unreal Ride Kicks off 2023 at CES Show, Las Vegas

Nikon kicked off the year with a fantastic stand at CES in Las Vegas, and we were excited to be part of it, with the Unreal Ride.


Attendance at ISE and additional reseller appointments mark continued growth for MRMC Broadcast.

The unconventional versatility of camera robotics

In this feature, Assaff Rawner, CEO, talks through how the versatile nature of camera robotics is causing widespread adoption across a diverse range of industries.

Content, content and content: the future of sports broadcast

In this feature, Marius Merten, Sports Broadcast Manager, MRMC talks through how sports broadcasting can adapt to the demand for more content as we move in to 2023.

High Speed Robotics Winter Showreel

We are excited to showcase our Winter robotics showreel, focusing on some brilliant through-the-lens, high-speed work captured by the Bolt Cinebot Range.

Rental, Lease or Buy MRMC Broadcast Products

At MRMC we want to ensure our customers can make use of our kit, regardless of the project and its scope. That's why we offer rental and leasing in addition to purchase. 

Robotface Road Tests the MRMC Tracker App

The moco experts down under at Robotface released a great video demonstrating the MRMC Tracker App in action. Until now, Robotface used the app for only tracking cameras but was also keen to test out its ability to be useful in tracking other movements also related to a shot.

A Streamlined Set-Up Using X-Y Robotic Tracking

Traditional camera tracking systems add complexity and often has ongoing costs. Using X-Y tracking is a cost-effective alternative and has been built in to our product range, including the TRH-1 Track Robotic Head.

QRS-1 unlocks a world of opportunities for creating more dynamic shot

While MRMC continually expands on their product range, the QRS (Quiet Rail System) has always been a favourite among customers who are attempting a more creative production, and to provide their viewers with a more appealing and engaging experience

Top 7 Flair Features — By Matt Snelling

Our resident Flair expert and lead software developer, Matt Snelling, was recently posed the question, “what are your top features in Flair?”

TV Tech's Guide to Remote Production

Remote media production is not new but the increasing use of IP technology and the cloud has made its use far more widespread and accessible. In their latest guide, TV Tech brings you the commentary and insight from the professionals on the front lines of M&E technology development and implementation driving this phenomenon.

MRMC Broadcast acquires full Slidekamera product range

At IBC 2022, we announced our acquisition of Slidekamera, which brings an even wider choice of motion and robotic solutions to MRMC's broadcast offering. The move cements a long-established development partnership between the two companies.

So Good it's Unreal — MuShang VP Studio

The incredibly talented MuShang team over in Shanghai have been creating fantastic content in their virtual production studio, since it recently opened, and released a jaw-dropping showreel demonstrating their recent work and showcasing the creative capabilities of the studio and team.

Case Study: Grace Church Uses MRMC Robotics to Streamline Production

The HOW selected two MRMC AFC 100 heads which have been integrated into the eight-camera setup, along with our Multi-Head Controller (MHC) user interface.

Polymotion Chat For Large Installations

One of the lesser-known features of MRMC's Polymotion Chat automated tracking system is the ability to daisy-chain multiple systems together for large infrastructure installations.

Steve Giralt and the Slow Mo Guys

With over 14 million Youtube subscribers, 'The Slow Mo Guys' partnered up with motion control expert and esteemed CEO of The Garage, Steve Giralt to create a cool stunt that was captured using the Bolt X.


AFP, who has a partnership with Nikon, installed the Z 9 for the first time in MRMC’s underwater robotics. By operating it in conjunction with the remote-control Nikon NX Field, impressive underwater photography was taken.

The details that make Nikon and MRMC such a great partnership

When it comes to the Nikon Z9, the important bits are there, 8K, 12 BIT RAW, live 10 BIT HDMI output and Genlock, which I think is unique in a mirrorless camera like this.

MRMC Broadcast Announces Key APAC Reseller Partnership with Cgangs Int

The partnership with Cgagns represents an exciting time for MRMC as it seeks to further embed its solutions within virtual and studio production in Singapore and beyond.

The Unreal Ride — Takes Centre Stage at NAB Show

Our head is still spinning from the incredible reaction we got last month at NAB Show with our Unreal Ride exhibit in the central lobby with partner Vū Studio!  It was great to be back at trade shows and to see our clients, partners, and a tremendous amount of new faces; captivated by the endless possibilities of motion control and virtual production.

Showcasing Innovation Across Europe and MENA

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, signals its intent to penetrate the broadcast market at scale with a substantial presence at four major international trade shows this month.

MRMC Company Showreel 2022

It is that time of year where we round up a collection of high-speed work to showcase just a snippet of the incredible Bolt™ action from around the world. As usual, customers are producing brilliant high-speed action content, and we are spoilt for choice to show just a small selection of the incredible work being produced.

Keeping it Natural

With the pandemic expediting remote workflows, interest for camera robotics technology is growing very rapidly. The use cases for robotics across outside broadcast, studios, and even in houses of worship applications are growing, and so is the confidence and understanding in how robotics fit into the bigger picture.

High Speed Robotic Showreel 2022

Starting the New Year, we wanted to share a new high-speed showreel, featuring a collection of fantastic robotics work. The reel demonstrates a range of high-speed systems, including Bolt™ Jr+, Bolt™, Bolt X, and the Bolt Mini Model from some of the top moco operators and production companies around the world, including Mushang, RiTE Media, Steve Hirsch, LÉMA Slow, The Garage, To Be Production, Vū Studios, Axsix, Viramontes, Reflex Motion Control to name just a few.

2021 in the rear view mirror

It has been an unusual year. While the pandemic has continued to make its effects felt around the world, the industry returned to almost full production once more and, as a result, it’s been a successful one for us.

World's first MRMC Europe Moco Event

Following up the huge success of the first ever motion control dedicated event in New York, only a few months later on the 6th November we hosted the world’s first motion control Europe event, held at MStudio in Paris.

Triple Award Win For Bolt Jr+ And Polymotion Chat

NAB Show announced this week that both Bolt Jr+ and Polymotion Chat won 2 awards for ‘Best new Technologies’ in the ‘Camera, support, control & accessories’ categories at the 2021 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards.

Why Manmade Media Chose MRMC Robotics

We are excited to share this testimonial from production company Manmade Media, talking about why they chose MRMC robotics for their work.


The Agile Remote Camera acquisition marks a really exciting point in the development of MRMC automated camera tracking systems. We at MRMC have long been admirers of the Agile cameras.


2020 may have been the year that the pandemic stopped sport dead in its tracks, but 2021 has been nothing short of scintillating in terms of the quality of Sport that has been showcased on our screens.

5 Key Motion Control Techniques To Capture Incredible Shots

Creating visually spectacular shots isn’t easy, it takes time, preparation, lighting and kit to just name a few of the basics. Then there is the vision, how the Director wants to visualise the story being told.

The Largest Gathering of MoCo Users & Robotics to Date

On the 24th of July 2021, many of our East Coast community of owners and operators came together for an event hosted by MRMC in partnership with Steve Giralt Visual Engineering and the team at The Garage in New York.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Automated Camera Tracking

Simplify your workflow, boost efficiency and increase productivity – sounds like a dream, right?

High-Speed Cinebot Reel – Summer 2021

It is that time of year where we round up a collection of high-speed work to showcase just a snippet of the incredible Bolt™ action from around the world. As usual, customers are producing brilliant high-speed action content, and we are spoilt for choice to show just a small selection of the incredible work being produced.

Steve Giralt Talks On Why He Uses MRMC Robotics For His Work

Visual Engineer Steve Giralt talks about why he chose MRMC robotics for his studio and the benefits they bring to his creative work.


As we’ve mentioned in previous editions of the broadcast blog, the MRMC Broadcast team has been working with the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL), who are responsible for organising and marketing German professional football. Using Polymotion Player (our automated player tracking system), we enabled the Bundesliga to automatically track and follow an individual star player.

3 Reasons Why a Robotic Arm is Better Than a Jib

One of the recurring points of discussion that has come up during some of the recent demos of our broadcast studio products has been from customers who currently own a jib, asking if I own a jib, why would I even think about using a robotic arm?

World's First: Live-Action Capture with Bolt X at the Brit Awards

The MrMoco Rentals team were super excited to have joined forces with creative studio Tawbox to create the world’s first live-recorded motion control capture music video with Bolt X at the recent Brit Awards.

Motion Control Monthly Round Up

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots!

What is the Cost of a Bolt Robot?

For those looking to take their first steps in motion control, it might surprise you to learn the cost of a Bolt or other motion control robotic system is cheaper than you might think.

Polymotion Player - DFL Bayern Munich V Borussia Dortmand

On-site at the Allianz Arena in Munich was an MRMC designed and build POD system, a robotic PTZ system with an integrated Nikon Camera and Lens. The robotic camera was driven by Polymotion Player using the Hego live tracking data supplied live in stadiums across the Bundesliga.

Robotic Camera Heads - Darts World Championships

Our main objective at the event to provide robotic camera heads in keys positions on the production to capture some innovative angles of the players and the dartboard for the TX.

Motion Control Monthly Round Up

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots!

Bolt Jr+ With New Smaller Track Base

We are excited to reveal the new Bolt Jr+ with its newly designed, lightweight smaller track base which now has a one-connection umbilical - allowing for much easier transport and faster setup times.

Motion Control Monthly Round Up

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots!

Automated Tracking Latest Developments

We have just released version 2.7 of Polymotion Chat, this is the first significant version release since I joined the company and it’s been interesting to see all the little things that have gone into getting it to this point.


During the 2020/21 football season, the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) is trialling Polymotion Player to track individual players while they’re on the field.

MRMC puts cameras where photographers aren't allowed to go

How do you cover an event where photographers aren't allowed? Last month saw the inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States, an occasion which would normally see huge crowds of people, from officials, politicians and members of the public, to representatives of t

MRMC Team up With Globally Renowned PR Agency Bubble

We are excited to team up with global PR, marketing and events specialist agency Bubble, who specialise in the media and entertainment technology and services sectors.

Welcome to the World of MRMC Showreel

We are excited to release this new MRMC company showreel highlighting a range of different robotic solutions.

Why Experts Choose MRMC Robotics

We are extremely excited to share this collection of customer testimonials from a handful of experts using our robotic rigs.

High-Speed Robotics Showreel

We are excited to share this recent collection of high-speed robotics work, highlighting just a snippet of the incredible work created by our many talented customers and showcasing the infinite creative possibilities of using our robotic systems.

Motion Control In Practice With Robotface

The incredibly talented Robotface team over in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in motion control camera work for film and television, recently created a great visual explainer of the world of motion control...


We are thrilled to announce that at last night's 2nd annual ‘NAB SHOW 2020 Product of the Year’ awards, we picked up not one… but TWO awards!

Red Sox Hit a Home Run with Nikon Robotics

Nikon Inc. recently partnered with Major League Baseball team the Boston Red Sox to install a state-of-the-art Robotic Pod camera system throughout iconic Fenway Park to capture action-packed still images and full-HD video.

World's First Bolt Cinebot Range Technical Showreel

The wait is over. For the first time ever, watch the world's fastest Cinebots in action side by side, executing a series of moves that highlight each rig's operating envelope.

Exploring New, Extreme Angles with MRMC Robotics

One of the biggest challenges facing professional photographers today is capturing images from new perspectives, images that stand out and push through the noise of our image-saturated world.

How to Capture Iconic Tabletop Food Commercial Shots

Motion Control Operator and Cinematographer, Brendan Isaac (Instagram: @brendanisaac), gives an informative breakdown on how to capture some of the iconic tabletop shots you see in high-end commercials.

Polymotion Stage wins SVG Europe TVAward 2020

We are thrilled to announce that alongside our partners Sky Creative Agency, SkySports and Dimension Studio we have won the SVG Europe TVAward 2020 for Outstanding Production Achievement (Innovation). The award was for our work with Polymotion Stage.

MILO Captures 2.5 Minutes in a Single Shot

The Gift, Kaufland’s Mother’s Day commercial | The creative team over at visual distractions created a 2.5-minute continuous camera move with the Milo to tell the story of a woman’s life starting in the mid-60s from childhood to adult, covering the various stages of her life, ultimately portraying the declaration of love and gratitude for […]

All Hail the Precision of the Milo

New Milo Showreel Collection | The Milo is the original motion control system that set the precedence for repeat pass MoCo systems with its unrivalled precision and stability. The rig won the prestigious Academy Award for Scientific & Engineering Achievement and today, the system still maintains the most all-around pin-point precision and stability. Whilst the […]

Milo Showreel from Expert Operator Heiko Matting

A Collection of Motion Control Work | Heiko Matting is an expert motion control operator in Berlin who has worked in the Film & TV industry for over 15 years, collaborating and lending his expertise to hundreds of commercial projects. The new showreel below includes a collection of some of his most exciting work from the past few years, […]

Samurai Sword Fights With Cinebot rig

WELCOME TO SOI DOGS | Thailand based creative tabletop production studio Chopstick Films created an epic sword-fighting scene using the Bolt High-Speed Cinebot rig. The brilliantly choreographed short, dubbed Soi Dogs, was conceived by the team to test the dynamic ability of the Bolt and how it captures high-speed action from many different angles. The […]

New Beats by Dre Studio³ Camo Collection Shot with Bolt Jr.

Global creative agency Stink Studios commissioned Decatur Dan to capture NBA All-star James Harden and rapper A$AP Fergus for the new Beats by Dre Studio³ Camo Collection using the Bolt Jr., helping create dynamic camera movements for the spot. | The launch campaign, produced by creative agency Stink Studios and photographer/director Decatur Dan, highlights the […]

An R&D First: In-Camera Speed Ramping Synchronised to Audio & Milo

MUSIC VIDEO WITH THE MILO RIG & RAMPING & PROJECTION MAPPING A complex process of in-camera techniques using the Milo rig tells the story of the band Aggregat being taken over by their alter egos who arrive through a bend in time and space. Technically a first, the in-camera ramping of camera speeds synchronized to […]

Bolt X Available On Track

The Longest Reaching High Speed Cinebot rig | The latest edition to our high-speed robotics family, Bolt X, is now available on track. With its already incredible reach of 3.1m and 5m of vertical travel, you can now add yet another axis of movement giving creatives an unparalleled range of creativity. Watch the short demo […]

Join Us @ IBC Show 2019

At this year’s IBC Show we’ll be showcasing our range of automated solutions and high speed robotics. Split between two locations, hall 10, stand D.26 will feature a range of innovative multi-camera automated systems, including Polymotion Stage, Polymotion Chat and Polymotion Player, as well as the Nikon Z series camera range. Whilst in hall 12, […]

The 148th Open: Sky Sports introduces ground-breaking technology

Polymotion Stage | In partnership with Sky Sports, Polymotion Stage launched during the 148th Open at Royal Portrush, with many of the world’s top golfers being amongst the first to be filmed. The players are in and out of the Polymotion Stage within minutes, enabling Sky Sports to use their digital duplicate during broadcast for […]

How to Shoot a Commercial with Robots

Steve Giralt in Action with the Bolt Cinebot rig | Photographer, Director and Visual Engineer Steve Giralt gives a tour of his studio and talks about the incredible robotics he uses to create his work. His New York studio is like Iron Man’s workshop, equipped with a range of robotics (including Bolt), Steve creates various […]


BOLT HIGH SPEED CINEBOT IN ACTION! | Enjoy this collection of high speed work from a variety of production companies and cinematographers from around the world. Whether shooting high speed table-top work, film, TV or commercials, the Bolt High Speed Cinebot rig is the industry choice for professionals. | Credits: – Dianli – Shooting Gallery Asia […]


Article from |  THE ART OF REPLICATION | Soon to begin its sixth season, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC regularly features long takes. One such shot occurred in Season 2’s “S.O.S. Part 2” episode, when the character Daisy (Chloe Bennet) takes on the Inhuman Alisha (Alicia Vela-Bailey), who replicates herself into multiple ‘twinned’ versions. […]

Virtual production: motion control and real-time preview at Stiller Studios

Post courtesy of Unrealengine | Located in Sweden, Stiller Studios is one of the most technically advanced VFX studios in the world. It can offer its clients advanced motion control and motion capture equipment, housed within a huge pre-lit green-screen space, all tied together with live real-time preview on set, courtesy of Unreal Engine. What makes this […]

Brighton FC adds automated robotic cameras for in-depth analysis

Post courtesy of Broadcastnow | The robotic cameras are automatically controlled by ChyronHego Tracab data Brighton and Hove Albion FC has installed a series of high-quality robotic cameras at Falmer Stadium that automatically film wide-angle footage of matches for post-game video analysis. The cameras use real-time tracking data from ChyronHego’s Tracab to accurately follow the […]

Viva Las Vegas – Join Us for Our Biggest Show yet at NAB 2019

Today we are proud to reveal our exciting plans for what is shaping up to be our biggest ever exhibition at NAB Show, in Las Vegas. Across both our camera robotics and broadcast solutions we will be co-exhibiting with Nikon in the central hall on stand C6019, whilst in the central lobby we are back to […]

For The Ride – Thruxton, Rocket…and a Milo?

Blog post courtesy of Harniman Photography | Milo Rig Shoots Beautiful Triumph. If you follow any of our social channels, you may have seen the behind-the-scenes of us working with the Milo arm . . .this project was conceived as an interactive web experience for the viewer to get up-close & personal with the new […]

First Look: Flair 7 Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming Flair 7. Users will enjoy an entirely new experience operating the industry leading camera robotics software solution. With over 50 years of engineering knowledge already existing in Flair, the new UI now makes it entirely user friendly, giving operators easier ways to create and control any type of […]

The Rise Of The Robotic Camera

Article: The Rise Of The Robotic Camera | from The Broadcast Bridge | By Adrian Pennington The rise of the PTZ camera, discussed in a previous post, fits into the wider trends for remote operation, robotic cameras, and automated content production. We spoke with Mark Roberts Motion Control (Nikon-owned since 2016), one of the pioneers in […]

NEW Polymotion One – Single Operator, Multi Camera Workflow

  Multi-camera Control Designed for live sports capture, Polymotion Player is an innovative, portable, multi-camera workflow solution that gives a single operator the ability to record a match from multiple camera positions simultaneously. Polymotion Player maps out the playing area and the locations of up to 12 robotic cameras. The camera operator follows the action […]

Andy Murray on High Speed 360 Rig for Jaguar Sponsored Wimbledon Spot

MRMC’s High Speed 360 rig was used to capture dynamic footage of Andy Murray for a new Jaguar commercial. To allow Andy the freedom to move and strike the ball for the required shots, a specially designed larger platform was built that allowed him to perform safely. Creative agency Wing London turned to MRMC’s Rentals […]

Using Robotics To See The Unseen

Capturing precise, dynamic action in high-speed with camera movement requires extensive levels of automation. Leaders in visual engineering, RiTE Media Group specialise in combining high-speed filmmaking with ground-breaking robotics, such as MRMC’s Bolt Cinebot rig, to create breathtaking visuals. Collaborating with Director and Visual Engineer Steve Giralt, RiTE produced this beautiful short film – ‘Shoemaker’ […]

World’s First 24 Hour Gigapixel Time-lapse Panorama Created with Robotic Head & Nikon D850

Latest MRMC Technology at IBC Show

Join Us for the Latest MRMC Technology at IBC Show After a huge show at NAB earlier this year occupying the largest stand we’ve ever had, we now plan for IBC 2018. Partnering with Nikon B.V., this year we’ll have multiple stands, demonstrating the latest MRMC technology at IBC, including a highly exciting interactive Bolt display! Sharing the […]

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