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So Good it’s Unreal — MuShang VP Studio

The incredibly talented MuShang team over in Shanghai have been creating fantastic content in their virtual production studio, since it recently opened, and released a jaw-dropping showreel demonstrating their recent work and showcasing the creative capabilities of the studio and team.

Brand New Virtual Production Showreel

Virtual production continues its ascendancy, with more studios realising the inherent advantages of offering VP alongside Motion Control to clients, ad agencies and film producers. Beijing-based MuShang Advertising opened its giant LED stage with industry-leading technology, including its large LED canvas composed of ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 panels, driven by two Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors. To capture the incredible content, the studio uses a Bolt jr+ and Bolt X, driven by Flair and synced with Unreal Engine, rounded off with industry-leading lighting equipment.

To showcase the creative offering, Henry Sha, the owner of MuShang Advertising, recently put together a phenomenal showreel for MRMC, demonstrating their cutting-edge production studio, featuring impressive behind-the-scenes footage of Bolt X and Bolt Jr+.

With the increasing use of virtual-production technology worldwide, we also see a growing demand in Shanghai, and we want to provide the best possible technology to facilitate this work in our region

Henry Sha — Founder

MuShang Advertising

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