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About Product Photography

E-commerce is booming – and it’s a sector where customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can view a product from multiple angles.

To exploit this trend, you need an image capture system that can deliver both quantity and quality in an automated process designed to slash production times and costs. It’s why Mark Roberts Motion Control created the Orbital, a the new fully-integrated rig that offers a production line for taking exceptional multiple-angle shots, 360 Spins, Multi-Row photography and video.

Built using Oscar-winning technology, the Orbital is the ultimate automated image capture solution for the e-commerce age.

Product photography

Product Photography

Product photography

MRMC provide automated photography solutions for a wide range of e-commerce and photography demands. From cups to cars and everything in between, the Orbital Product Photography Rig and robotic turntables can automate and dramatically reduce production line times and efficiently streamline any photography process.

Automated Photography with Versatility

Removing the manual process means you can burn through photos in minutes not hours! Full control through MRMC’s Flair interface means any angle, any height and any position is only a button click away. With saveable presets any photo at any time can be rapidly set up and shot in no time!

‘By having the ability to load a setting and get moving into the shoot using my presets, it totally changes the game. I’m able to shoot so quickly with it that I am able to burn through shoots in an hour that would have usually taken me a whole day to shoot.’
– Austin Langley, Photographer, Asics

Orbit helmet

Custom Specifications

Having full control of the end-to-end manufacturing process allows MRMC to create customised solutions. If what you are looking for is not listed on our product page, please do get in touch. It may be that we can design just what you need at a price point that works.


Strong, well presented visual assets on your website (like 360 photography) is imperative for any company looking to compete in today’s digital landscape. Built using Oscar-winning technology, the Orbital Product Photography Rig, and Turntables are the ultimate automated image capture solutions for the e-commerce age.

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