Product Photography

Product Photography Solutions

MRMC provide automated video and photography solutions for a wide range of e-commerce and photography demands. From cups to cars and everything in between, the Orbital Product Photography Rig and robotic turntables can automate and dramatically reduce production line times and efficiently streamline any photography process.

About Product Photography

Take a selection of product shots in seconds – mount the item on the turntable, set up the number of shots and angling, and the Orbital will do the rest. The system will effortlessly follow the same user-defined path for each and every product, creating zoomable stills that are ideal for consumers to explore at their own leisure.

Capture Video

Stability and synchronisation are essential when shooting video; it’s why the Orbital system features Harmonic drive gearboxes in its camera tilt mechanism and range of turntables to ensure precision and smoothness. It’s something our Hollywood clients demand of our motion control rigs – and so should you from your automated image capture solution.

360 Degree Spin

A sophisticated sales tool, 360 Spin enables customers to view the product horizontally by moving round the item and exploring its detailing via simple, intuitive controls. Nearly 90% of retailers believe that such imaging is a key driver for boosting sales.