Broadcast Products

Mark Roberts Motion Control is known as the industry leader for extremely accurate, reliable and precision repeatable robotic solutions. All broadcast options are covered, from simple pan and tilt heads which can be mounted on a pedestal, plinth, tripod or underslung from a truss or lighting grid to more sophisticated bespoke solutions. Adding advanced movement is simple with cost-effective track and rail systems that can be built to fit specific requirements or off the shelf straight and curved solutions to create really dynamic camera movement.

If more dynamic camera movement is desired then faster floor and ceiling track can be used with or without a lift column or even a multi-axis robotic arm. These products are ideal for remote production where users are looking to automate studios, events, sports or any live broadcast either to reduce costs or to deal with the challenges of social distancing and resilient and reliable workflows.

Advanced control systems include Multi-Head Control software (MHC); Polymotion product range – for full intelligent automation with built-in talent/object tracking or single operators controlling one camera and all other cameras targeting the same object; or traditional broadcast automation integrating with industry-standard studio automation systems such as Vizrt Mosart, Ross Overdrive, Grass Valley Ignite and others.

Power is nothing without control and MRMC offers an extensive range of software and hardware solutions to control the wide range of robotics. Many of the broadcast solutions also work with 3rd parties and support industry-standard protocols. The key is to allow users the freedom to work the way they want, so many combinations of physical and software solutions are possible from joysticks, pan bars, gamepad controller or even full intelligent automation where MRMC’s intelligent software does the work.