Polymotion Player is an adaptive automated robotic camera solution that is designed for field and arena sports, including football, baseball, basketball and hockey. The system is designed for analysts and broadcasters, ranging from a single operator small scale production, to a fully integrated multi-camera outside broadcast.

Control up to
Robotic Cameras
Operator Required

Key Features

Covering All the Angles

The Polymotion Player system physically moves the camera when tracking its subject. This allows an operator to position the cameras anywhere around the field of play.

The algorithms that control these movements have been designed for both analysts and broadcasters allowing the operator to specify the type of shots and coverage required. Camera positions include Tactical, High Behind, Offside Camera Position and Individual Player Tracking (TRACAB Required).

Player Tracking Solution

With ChyronHego
If you are using ChyronHego TRACAB system the real-time data provided follows its subjects automatically. In addition to this, the operator can dynamically adjust the framing of the subject to create the desired look but still be confident that the subject will remain in the frame at all times. The real-time player tracking data provided by ChyronHego’s world-leading TRACAB system combined with Polymotion Player enables analysts to precisely follow their team or individual players over the field of play.

Without ChyronHego
Using Polymotion Player as a standalone solution the operator can focus on the action with camera one, with the additional robotic cameras providing complementary shots such as wide angle, reverse and tactical. The system can be used in a wide variety of sports and sports venues and is designed to be portable, flexible and easily configurable.

Maintain Your Control

Polymotion Player’s UI allows the operator to switch to direct manual control of any of the attached robotic heads at any time to dynamically adjust the framing of the subject.

Ideal for Remote Production

Perfectly suited to remote production, all tracking functions are performed on location within the stadium environment so there are no latency issues. The operator, conceivably located thousands of miles away, simply needs to select the subject and let Polymotion Player do the rest.

Follow the Play

In standalone mode, Polymotion Player allows the operator to follow the action they want and the rest of the robotic heads will automatically provide complimentary camera angles focussing on the play.

These may be wider shots, a tactical view, a goal line angle or a post-match analysis view. Polymotion Player can be configured to the sport being captured to give the most dynamic shots available. The system has the capability to be upgraded and enhanced through software updates. This allows your production capabilities to evolve over time without the need to invest in additional equipment.

Capturing All the Angles

Polymotion Player can be used with fixed or temporary robotic heads depending on your requirements. The solution can be rapidly deployed to different sports venues. Configuration takes only a few minutes through the intuitive touch capable UI and the venues can even be saved for return visits.