Motion Control

Motion Control Range

High Speed 6-Axis Motion Control Systems Starting From Only £49k

The range of robotic camera control rigs from MRMC give you the precision and versatility that you need, no matter how big or small the shoot. If it’s high-speed, precision and repeatable moves you need then explore our Bolt Cinebot range, which are the fastest cameras in the world today. For the long, steady reach the bigger systems such as Titan & Titan X or Milo are unsurpassed in the film industry. On a location shoot inside a house or mansion, a fully assembled Talos on a track can lift the camera up to 3.4 metres and yet still duck through a standard doorway with room to spare. Our adaptable Modula rig allows you to mix and match 15 components to build up to 9 different rigs. Please see below for a full list of our motion control equipment and accessories.

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