Flair 7

Flair is MRMC’s premier motion control software. Designed to give exceptional command over camera movement, Flair precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion, is fully compatible with all of our motion control rigs, heads and accessories and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages. Flair is the tool that makes your vision reality.

Control up to
Axes of Motion
Control Screens

Key Features

Intuitive UI

  • Intuitive graphical user interface, which can be controlled over ethernet.
  • Full motion editing of keyframed, imported or recorded moves. Any motion can be easily scaled and displayed in human readable formats, such as degrees, or meters or feet.
  • 2D & 3D fully editable graphics showing position, speed and acceleration.
  • 3D Graphics for full scene previsualisation and real-time interfacing to Maya & MotionBuilder, as well as any other 3rd party renderers, virtual studios or augmented reality.

Accurate Lens & Camera control

  • Lens parameters stored to automate focus and calibrate zooms in focal lengths with great accuracy. Lens meta-data can be recorded and exported. Built-in lens mathematics and wizards so lenses can be easily calibrated in any user-desired units, including feet, centimetres, inches, and so on.
  • Control of iris and shutter angles on camera allowing speed ramps.
    Interface to industry-standard lenses such as Fujinon analog and digital lenses.
  • Interface to industry-standard wireless lens controls, including recording and playback.

Live Motion Inputs

  • Mimic allows recording of motion including manually pushing a rig or turning a motor by hand and then playing back the motion.
  • Fully compatible with any USB HID (Human Interface Device), such as Joysticks, Gamepads, Spacemouse, and custom interfaces and keyboards, even VR devices such as Oculus Rift, and webcams.
  • Algorithmic and lookup table controlled axes, so the motion of one axis depends on the motion of another in a linear or non-linear manner.

Stop-frame Animation

  • Full interface with 3rd Party animation tools like Dragonframe
  • Full stop frame animation features built in including moving step/go-motion, variable speed, intermixing with live action and timelapse photography.
  • Huge animation and animatronic software facilities, for stop frame animation, time-lapse photography, and every kind of possible filming feature requested in the last 25 years!
  • 3D Stereoscopic Filming facilities.

Control Anything

  • Programmable input and output triggers, as well as 512 channel DMX lighting control and recordable and programmable analog inputs and outputs.
  • Control of up to 512 motion actuators of any type. Full motor tuning including Analog DC, Brushless, CAN-Bus and Ethercat controlled motors.
  • Full LTC/SMPTE time-code support.
  • Frame accurate repeatable at all times with variable speeds from 0.01 FPS to 1000FPS and more.


  • Formats: Maya, FBX, Kuper, Flair, .txt., XYZ, Axes, including real-time over serial or ethernet.
  • Continuous limits checking of position, speed and accelerations, with recommended maximum move speeds.
  • Open API to Flair via Ethernet allowing control from 3rd party software or creating new user interfaces.

3D Models

  • Full 3D mathematical (inverse-kinematics) & graphical models of any type of motion system including Technocranes, Milos, Motion bases (aka Gimbals, Stewart platforms and Hexapods), Fischer/Magnum/Panther/Peewee dollies, and many others.
    Always Developing
  • World-wide remote support via internet, including full error logging and upgrade facilities. 24/7 telephone and email support.
    Continuous development by a team of responsive, dedicated and enthusiastic in-house programmers.

Real-time VR & AR interfacing

Flair outputs in real-time a whole host of output formats for use with on-set pre-viz or virtual studios, allowing you to see live images instantly mixed with computer graphics.

Flair outputs popular formats like FreeD for virtual studios or OSC for interfacing to graphics engines like Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) or Unity. Flair also has a unique adjustable zero-delay feature that allows the graphics adequate time to render for the motions and graphics to line up perfectly.

It also interfaces to & controls digital recorders like BMD Hyperdeck, allowing easy rapid pre-viz of multi-pass moves.

Feature Highlights

Flair 7

Flair 7 is the culmination of 50 years robotics experience, resulting in the industry leading software solution for motion control camera robotics.


Set your start and end positions, identify the subject and let Target Tracking automatically program the individual axis movements, including focus, required to keep your subject in the frame as the camera moves along its path.


Program timings in frames, timecode or incremental values of either to ensure the precise triggering of movements.


Flair’s hardware is an Ethernet-based distributed control system. The open API enables control of 3rd party devices.


Export and import motion data to and from your CGI and 3D graphics packages, such as Maya or Motionbuilder. Data, including the axis positions for every frame and precise XYZ positions for the camera and subject, can be transferred when required.


Controls over 500 axes of motion, trigger multiple events simultaneously, from keyframes or timecode, and features 512 channel DMX lighting control.


Visualise and edit your moves, controlling the precise position, orientation and speed of every axis in 2D or 3D graphs for frame accurate repeatability at up to 1000 fps.


Compatible with a diverse range of input devices, such as handwheels, pan bars and motion control heads. The intuitive UI making it easy to control your rig from a central area or move around the studio and get up close to the action.


  • Usability
  • Compatability
  • Performance

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