MRMC Tracker App

Motion Control Made Easy

Record & Replicate Moves by Hand

The MRMC Tracker App is your gateway to precision motion control filmmaking. The App empowers directors to capture and convey their vision effortlessly, using just an iPhone or iPad to frame and navigate a motion control shot. In addition to recording video, the MRMC Tracker also captures 3D positional data during the motion. This data can then be seamlessly imported into Flair, allowing for the recreation of the move with an MRMC robotic camera system, such as one of our Cinebot systems. Learn more about controlling MRMC robotics, with the industry-leading camera robotic software, Flair.

About the MRMC Tracker App

The Tracker App is designed to record movements at a smooth 60 frames per second, emulating the fluidity of handheld camera motion. These motions can be further refined using the Flair feature. Additionally, leverage the advanced capabilities of iOS AR to effortlessly establish a target point, facilitating the seamless tracking of subjects with moves or keyframes. The MRMC Tracker App integrates with all our motion control robotics, ensuring a swift download process to create customised movements easily. Download now from the App Store by clicking here.

Feature Highlights

3D robot control

Live 3D robot control and video feed through the cinema lens

Game Controllers

Support for game controllers

AR Path Recording

3D augmented camera path on recordings + Load stored jobs or 3D path jobs from Flair — then load and preview 3D path of moves

Set a Marker

AR marker recognition for camera and target

One Click Export

Simply click a button and export your move to Flair for easy adjustments

Easy Network Control

Set all network settings via a simple QR code from Flair


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