Polymotion Chat is an easily deployable studio solution that allows an operator to automate up to six presenter and guest camera positions. Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks their movements and provides stable and natural looking content.

Robotic PTZ's

Key Features

Simply Your Workflow

Polymotion Chat is a camera solution for small studios. Controlling up to 6 robotic heads from one operator stadium, Chat can be used as a flexible broadcast solution.

Adaptable, Automated System

Whether your requirements are traditional news room, standing presenter led, or magazine format show, Polymotion Chat can help streamline this work-flow.

Replicate Natural Movement

An operator has several tools inside Polymotion Chat to replicate a natural camera movement. For example, after framing their subject, a ‘static zone’ can be set to control how far the subject can move before the camera starts to follow it. The speed of this move can also be controlled in line with the production requirements.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Polymotion Chat can utilise presets to help locate and frame subjects. This can include off frame positions for graphics insertions for news or sports programming or set camera positions for intros or interviews.

Additionally, for the pop-up studio, a remote production workflow can be used with the operator managing the Polymotion Chat system over IP from the main production facility.

Use Your Existing Cameras

Any combination of the MRMC Robotics range can be used with Polymotion Chat.

For customers who already have chosen their cameras they can simply add them to our AFC100 platform. This will turn the camera into a fully automated robotic head with pan, tilt, zoom and focus. This delivers the same consistent ‘look and feel’ in production with the added benefit of precision.

One Operator

The Polymotion Chat solution comes in either a 1U Polymotion Server (which supports up to 3 tracking heads) or a 2U Polymotion Server (which supports up to 6). Simply use your existing cameras on one of MRMC Robotic heads and connect. The interface has been designed to work with either a touchscreen or a standard keyboard and mouse. One operator can easily control Polymotion Chat and additional operators’ consoles can be added.

Simple UI

With Polymotion Chat software, automatic zones can be set per camera to ensure the subject is framed correctly and if they move beyond a set radius the camera automatically follows them. Limits can also be set so that if the subject moves out of the studio space the camera simply stops following and returns to it’s default position.

Feature Highlights


Designed with sports studio broadcast in mind.


An ideal automated solution for use in news broadcast environments and weather reporting.


Polymotion Chat is an extremely portable solution making it perfect for pop-up studios.


With one operator Polymotion Chat fits into a small studio setup with the operator in full command of up to 6 cameras.


Polymotion Chat is suitable for use in educational institutions, professional presentations, conferences and a variety of public speaking environments.