Automated Image Capture

Automated Product Photography

1 click. 8 angles. 15 seconds. Job done.

Used in conjunction with our range of turntables, the Orbital's operating system allows for the control of camera height, distance, focus, exposure, zoom and shutter, while automatically rotating the selected turntable through user-defined rotations.

Production Line Ethos,
Bespoke Results

The Orbital is custom-made for taking high-volume product shots, bringing production-line simplicity and reliability to the world of product photography.

You need to be able to move quickly whether you're taking stills, 360 Spins, Multi-Row photography or shooting video. The Orbital offers a complete e-commerce solution, working hand-in-hand with our range of custom-built turntables and sliders to deliver the right results time and again.

High Quality,
Low Costs

Whether you're shooting a cufflink or a car, the Orbital has it covered; no wobbles, no jerkiness.

Simply position the product and press the button—the Orbital moves through your preprogrammed rotations and camera positions with absolute precision. Images are then automatically passed through to your own post-processing system. Whether you're shooting 10,000 or 100,000 images, the Orbital revolutionises workflows and delivers major cost savings per image.

Not Aggravation

In-house solutions simply can't cut it in today's competitive e-commerce space. The Orbital can.

Bring the same level of automation you demand from your product and delivery lines to your product photography. The Orbital dramatically reduces set-up times by removing the need for the photographer to manually set up individual shots between each shutter movement.

MRMCO academy award

MRMC Academy Award Winning Company

The British team behind the Orbital system designs and builds camera rigs for Hollywood and has won an Oscar for its dedication to innovation and design excellence. While we can’t promise your product photography will win an Academy Award, we can guarantee you’ll get industry-beating equipment that will revolutionise the way you work.


Orbital Features

The Orbital system boasts several industry-best features

One Take, Every Time

Our engineering is grade A; Oscar-winning grade in fact. As movie rig specialists, we know how important it is to have equipment that performs at the highest level every time – it’s why our rigs feature cutting edge technology designed to last.

Stiffness and Repeatability

Our rigs are completely rigid – the only elements that move are the product turntable and camera. And when they stop moving, nothing shakes, nothing wobbles; smooth acceleration and deceleration come as standard. It’s what MRMC is famous for within the movie industry.

Every Angle Covered

Used in conjunction with our range of turntables, the Orbital’s operating system allows for the control of camera height, distance, focus, exposure, zoom and shutter, while automatically rotating the selected turntable through user-defined rotations.

Software Done Right

Every rig is supplied with Flair, our software controller system which gives you easy-to-use, intuitive controls to set up and execute your image capturing with. The system only requires a one-day tutorial for your photographer to master the software and be in a position to train other team members in its use.

Exacting Control

Every set of commands entered into Flair can be saved as a preset, and be selected in an instant on future projects. Most importantly, you can adjust all aspects of turntable and camera motion including how quickly the rig speeds up and slows down.

Automation Aced

Taking a series of stills, 360 Spin/Multi-Row photographs or video can be turned into a fully automated process, in many cases reducing time-per-shot to less than one second. Simply pre-programme the system, position the product and press the button – the Orbital will do the rest.

Import Ready

All images captured using Orbital can be imported directly into your Digital Asset management or post-processing software including Lightroom and Photoshop. Specialist 360 Spin software such as Adobe Scene7 and Spin-Me are fully supported plus a free plug-in for open source Digicam Control software is also included.

Bespoke Product, Bespoke Service

Whatever your spec, we can supply you with the rig you need. Thanks to our design and manufacturing capabilities, we can create rigs that are tailored to your exact specifications. We also have full service and maintenance plans available to ensure the smooth running of your rig for years to come.



Looking for more? The Orbital rig can also come as an XL option. This is ideal for larger products, such as oversized household appliances, furniture or even cars.

Orbital Accessories

All Orbital's zero-backlash turntables are controlled by robotic-grade Harmonic drive gearboxes, the same used in NASA's Apollo Lunar and Mars Explorational Rovers. These components were selected by our team so the system will work smoothly at full operating speed day after day, year after year.

Alternatively, if your job requires a bespoke set-up, we can design and manufacture the turntable to your specifications.

Small Turntable

Medium Turntable

Large Turntable

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