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High Speed 6-Axis Motion Control Systems Starting From Only £49k

Delivering Oscar-Winning Engineering for over 50 Years! The leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge solutions for motion control, automation, broadcast robotics, volumetric and remote image capture.

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We are looking for beta testers for the next version of Polymotion Chat Pro – our entry into camera automation, where you’ll be able to automate control of 1-3 cameras. Be one of the first people to download and test the latest automated camera tracking technology, sign up today.

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New Bolt Mini Model Mover

We are excited to announce the latest member of the Bolt Cinebot range — the all-new Bolt Mini Model Mover. This lightweight 6-axis high-speed system starts at only £49k ($68k) and is our entry-level to start working with high-speed robotics — enter into the world of motion control!

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New 0% Finance Available Across the Bolt Cinebot Range

We’re excited to announce for a limited time only, 0% finance on the full range of Bolt high-speed systems.

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Polymotion Stage: Volumetric, Images & Avatars

The Polymotion Truck is the world’s first 3-in-1 mobile volumetric studio. Developed to support the time-sensitive content creation needs of broadcasters, sports teams and creative agencies, this truly mobile platform is capable of shooting volumetric video, taking 3D stills and full avatar creation, anywhere in the world.

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About Us

MRMC Robotic Solutions

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) is a Nikon Group Company. We are world leaders in camera robotics and automation for cinematography, broadcast, television, sports, live events and photography. Winner of an Academy Award (Oscar) and Queens Award for technical excellence and enterprise, we are one of the largest suppliers of camera robotics in the world today.

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Latest News

Polymotion Player – Tracking the Stars of the Bundesliga

As we’ve mentioned in previous editions of the broadcast blog, the MRMC Broadcast team has been working with the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL), who are responsible for organising and marketing German professional football league, the Bundesliga. Using Polymotion Player (our automated player tracking system), we enabled the Bundesliga to automatically track and follow an individual […]

3 Reasons Why a Robotic Arm is Better Than a Jib

One of the recurring points of discussion that has come up during some of the recent demos of our broadcast studio products has been from customers who currently own a jib, asking if I own a jib, why would I even think about using a robotic arm?

World's First: Live-Action Capture with Bolt X at the Brit Awards

The MrMoco Rentals team were super excited to have joined forces with creative studio Tawbox to create the world’s first live-recorded motion control capture music video with Bolt X at the recent Brit Awards.

Motion Control Monthly Round Up

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots!

What is the Cost of a Bolt Robot?

For those looking to take their first steps in motion control, it might surprise you to learn the cost of a Bolt or other motion control robotic system is cheaper than you might think.

Polymotion Player - DFL Bayern Munich V Borussia Dortmand

On-site at the Allianz Arena in Munich was an MRMC designed and build POD system, a robotic PTZ system with an integrated Nikon Camera and Lens. The robotic camera was driven by Polymotion Player using the Hego live tracking data supplied live in stadiums across the Bundesliga.