Multi-Head Controller (MHC) is MRMC’s user interface and can be tailored to the application. Whether you want an interface (skin) for different sporting events such as tennis, darts etc., or for studios, stadiums or other live events, MHC can be tailored to the user’s requirements for complete speed, control and functionality.

Controlled by
Create up to
Preset Positions

Key Features

Simple to Use

Our software platform is designed for complete user simplicity. Control a multitude of MRMC robotic heads at the touch of a button from a single workstation, with an extremely simple, intuitive UI.

Tailored UI

The MHC interface is flexible and can be tailored exactly to the users requirements. A variety of different skins are available for a multitude of sporting events, studios, stadiums and other live events.


The UI is designed so the user can have the ‘Store and
display’ capability – with stored moves or presets loaded into ‘buttons’ that can then be used.


Bring your application to life with a completely customizable User Interface, designed by our team of graphic designers and engineers. Why use a generic UI, when our tailored ‘skins’ give you the freedom to operate in the world you choose.


  • Together with the MHC client software, users have the ability to control multiple, moving cameras
  • Designed for touch screen with a simple, intuitive and friendly interface
  • Bespoke skins – so users can have the most suitable design for their requirements.
  • Can be up and running with MHC in no time, and it takes minimal operator training
  • The technology in MHC is designed from MRMC’s award winning Motion Control technology – giving absolute
    precision and repeatability

Control multiple heads simultaneously

Tailor make your camera moves and save preset positions Full control of cameras (including POD, Visca and other cameras on request) Built on IP technology, these robotic heads can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world!

Works as a standalone application and with hardware controllers, such as pan bars, MRMC joystick and other USB devices. A complete suit of professional features, including embedded IP video capability and switching of multiple video sources.

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