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Motion Control Monthly Round Up – April 2021

Welcome to the April Edition of the Monthly MRMC Motion Control Round-Up!

Welcome to the April Edition of the Monthly MRMC Motion Control Round-Up!

Every month we’ll be taking a look at some of the coolest & most awe-inspiring motion control that’s taking place across the globe using our award-winning camera robot robots and software as well as a look behind the scenes of some amazing shoots! This month’s edition features some great content from Robotface who went from shooting a great food commercial to getting active with some cool sportswear. There’s also some mouth watering food shots “with a twist” as well as some cool footage of some runners for all you pavement pounders out there.

Turn up the heat!

The awesome team over at Robotface worked with the team at Collidor to shoot a series of tasty TV commercials for Birds Eye foods. The concepts came from the original vision from Dylan Duclos, beautiful images DP’D by Kierna Fowler and ground-up art direction by Marni Korn and the team. The Bolt™ camera robot motion control shots were designed on location and with the help of Dean Garro and an amazing team of grips, they could move the Bolt robot in and out of some very tight locations.

Get active with the Bolt!

The team from Enamoured Iris joined forces with Robotface at their Port Melbourne studios to shoot the latest ECHT activewear campaign video. The Bolt camera motion control robot and Phantom 4K camera roared to life to capture the action. A fantastic example of how high-speed/slow-motion can bring an extra dynamic edge to your work.

Sprint to the finish

Step into the studio of Justin Bowers & Captiv Creative with this BTS from their shoot for Brooks running shoes. The shoot captured some great angles of the shoes so that runners could find their passion & chase it as hard as they can! Safe to say the Bolt has been a runaway hit for Justin and the Brooks running team.

Getting in a twist!

There’s just something about food slow-mo that is completely and utterly mesmerising! Great work from Jamieson Mulholland having some fun with flying fruit in the studio! For this shot, they wanted to move past the classic “stream of liquid strikes objects in the air” and give it a little bit of a “twist.” This was achieved with some great triggering from Flair captured by the precision path of the Bolt Cinebot™.

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