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For The Ride – Thruxton, Rocket…and a Milo?

Milo Rig Shoots Beautiful Triumph Motorcycle
Blog post courtesy of Harniman Photography |

Milo Rig Shoots Beautiful Triumph.

If you follow any of our social channels, you may have seen the behind-the-scenes of us working with the Milo arm . . .this project was conceived as an interactive web experience for the viewer to get up-close & personal with the new Thruxton through the Triumph website. (Hence no funky soundtrack on this one!) We have adapted the original footage to make it blog friendly.
And here it is in all its glory…

The secret bikes were under embargo as we spent a few days in the studio with them in January, although the preparation had started way before Christmas with the creative concept, design & manufacturing of the set build. Triumph Motorcycles launched their uber cool TFC (Triumph Factory Customs) Thruxton & Rocket last week – everyone needs one of these in their toy cupboard!
In the words of Triumph themselves, Triumph Factory Customs are designed and crafted to be the most beautiful, exclusive and desirable Triumphs ever made. An extraordinary rich and raw British sound from the Thruxton TFC one off exhaust system…
The Milo motion control rig enabled us to capture the craft of the motorcycle with pinpoint accuracy in the moves we wanted to achieve…

Find out more about the Milo Rig and how you could integrate it into your next shoot.

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