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New Beats by Dre Studio³ Camo Collection Shot with Bolt Jr.

Global creative agency Stink Studios commissioned Decatur Dan to capture NBA All-star James Harden and rapper A$AP Fergus for the new Beats by Dre Studio³ Camo Collection using the Bolt Jr., helping create dynamic camera movements for the spot. |
The launch campaign, produced by creative agency Stink Studios and photographer/director Decatur Dan, highlights the new camouflage design in two colourways: Forest Green and Sand Dune.

Stink Studios executed the art direction, kinetic typography, and thermal data-mosh design elements, and Decatur Dan, who’s been a creative partner of Beats by Dre since 2014, was brought on to lens the campaign photography. 

Bolt Jr., was used to choreograph precise camera moves that bridge the gap between 3D product modeling and hero talent photography. Dan shot dynamic movements of A$AP Ferg in the San Dune colorway.
“The pre-programmed camera movements we developed were a perfect fit for this campaign and really brought A$AP Ferg’s energy and the new Studio³ colorway to life,” Dan said. 

With innovative motion technology, Dan’s cinematic direction, and Stink’s cutting-edge design, “camo vision” was brought to life — combining high-fidelity visual effects and practical photography and videography. To watch the final trailer, visit Stink Studios.
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