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An R&D First: In-Camera Speed Ramping Synchronised to Audio & Milo

A complex process of in-camera techniques using the Milo rig tells the story of the band Aggregat being taken over by their alter egos who arrive through a bend in time and space.
Technically a first, the in-camera ramping of camera speeds synchronized to audio was developed through months of R&D at visual distractions, with excellent support from MRMC for the camera control.

The camera is triggered single frame by the Milo rig in a ramp with speeds of up to 100fps. The speed of the audio is precalculated and stretched with an in-house custom tool to match up to the shot. The opening shot, for example, ramps from 25fps down to 8fps and then up to 45fps while the musicians, music, Milo, camera are all in sync.
For the sets/backgrounds, 1:10 scaled miniature sets were built and partially stop motion animated. The sets were shot using a MILO motion control system. The moves were then scaled up 10x to shoot the real stage while the miniature footage was projection mapped onto the backdrop using 3 projectors. This process allowed for using different depths and dimensions of the miniature sets while using a stationary backdrop, with the perspective looking correct from only the camera angle.

For the doppelgänger shots, the projection mapping process was repeated and the band members filmed in front of the projection were re-projected onto the set to be shot again.

Apart from being technically demanding for the crew, the band had to also test its limits having to play parts of the song at up to 50fps, 35fps reverse, or ramping from 6fps to 45fps.

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