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Samurai Sword Fights With Cinebot rig

Thailand based creative tabletop production studio Chopstick Films created an epic sword-fighting scene using the Bolt High-Speed Cinebot rig. The brilliantly choreographed short, dubbed Soi Dogs, was conceived by the team to test the dynamic ability of the Bolt and how it captures high-speed action from many different angles. The final spot (with its high-speed action and incredible angles) demonstrates why such precision moves and high-speed capture are simply not possible with regular dolly systems or other means that are manually operated.

Being able to program the Bolt to create precise repeat pass camera moves, meant scenes could be shot multiple times. For example, the exploding fight shot was captured twice, once with the actors, and then again with just an explosion and then composited together. To do this in the past, the camera would need to be locked off and then the effect added in post-production – taking additional time, VFX work and money.

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