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PTZ Enablement

We have brought our innovative technology to Pro-AV and Broadcast to elevate your PTZ production with our automated camera tracking and robotics solutions.

Free up your production and operation teams with our Polymotion Chat subject tracking, and dynamic movement with our range of rail and jib solutions.

By Paddy Taylor, Head of Broadcast

For almost 60 years, MRMC has been synonymous with the highest-quality movement in the demanding world of film production and motion control. More recently we have expanded into new markets, such as volumetric capture and sports and studio automation systems specifically putting considerably more focus on the Broadcast market with a dedicated Broadcast division.


This new Broadcast division’s formation has coincided with a huge increase in the usage of PTZ cameras in all corners of the video production environment. They’ve always had their place, but it was very few tier-one or tier-two broadcasters that would consider using these sorts of cameras. Only four years ago. I remember having a conversation with the CTO of a major channel in Europe where he specifically said he could never imagine using anything other than a 2/3 inch camera in the new studios, and yet that same channel last year, invested in a number of PTZ cameras for exactly that scenario.


Here at MRMC, we have been embracing the PTZ camera.  Since 2018 we have been shipping our award-winning Polymotion Chat automated tracking software, which has been specifically developed with support for almost all third-party PTZs. More recently, we have developed a number of solutions for adding motion to PTZ cameras. These include sliders for PTZs,  rail systems for PTZs,  lift systems for PTZs, and even a jib arm that uses a pan tilt zoom camera at the end. 


We call this section of our product line PTZ Enablement.

The whole idea is to enable customers to get the best out
of their PTZ cameras. We believe pan tilt and zoom cameras are huge enablers for our industry. They allow producers to shoot in ways not even thought of a decade ago.  Some of the PTZ enablement applications are simple, such as bringing PTZ camera to eye level, something that can be done automatically using Polymotion Chat. 


MRMC can offer everything, from the Titan Slider, a portable, 1 m / 3 feet slider with integrated PTZ mount, or a longer modular rail with the QRS-1 Quiet Rail System, from 0.8m to 30m+, and even curved rail solutions.

Our 55+ year pedigree means we know exactly what is expected in terms of motion, quality, ease of setup and operation, and also integration. For example almost all of our range has optional FreeD data for integration with third-party graphics systems
and we even have a sync box to combine multiple FreeD sources making adding a rail or lift to a PTZ in a virtual set environment really simple!

Like in any production, more movement and motion can improve the experience and build engagement with the audience. Our range of PTZ enablement solutions is the most complete solution on the market that can allow you to bring that something-special motion to PTZ-based productions.

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