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Zack Snyder and The Slow Mo Guys capture 300-inspired shot with Bolt C

Esteemed director Zack Snyder teamed up with YouTube sensations — The Slow Mo Guys, to capture a dramatic slow-motion shot inspired by 300. Using the Bolt Cinebot, they aimed to hit an apple with a cricket bat in Snyder's signature style. Snyder talks about the challenges he encountered while filming slow motion for 300, including using multiple cameras and a beam splitter for zoom effects. Today, the Bolt Cinebot simplifies this process, providing high-speed precision for smooth, real-time shots.

Cinebot Max Unveiled At NAB Show

With the arrival of NAB Show, the Cinebot Max has made its grand debut to the world after being revealed little over a week ago. Boasting an increased payload, reach and range of motion compared to the Cinebot Mini, the Max is set to take the show by storm. We're showcasing the Cinebot Max as part of "The Unreal Ride", giving you the chance to be among the first ever to be captured by it, with the added perk of taking home your own personalised movie.

Robotface Put The Cinebot Mini To The Test

Robotface recently added the Cinebot Mini to their toolkit, harnessing its user-friendly and portable motion control to enhance their workflow. They initially put it to the test in an outdoor shoot in Lorne, taking advantage of its impressive 10-hour battery life. Soon after, Robotface put the Cinebot Mini on track for a shoot with Creamsource, capturing their new Vortex lights range in stunning slow motion and finish off with a heartfelt homage to the original Star Wars trilogy.

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