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How Camera Robotics Empower Virtual Broadcast Production

Increasingly, content creators, sports broadcasters, and news productions aspire to deliver ultimate production quality and unrivaled viewer experiences using new XR technologies. The gold standard of XR-based workflows goes beyond the greenscreen to allow for multi-camera productions that deliver film and commercial quality while maintaining a standard experience for the operators.

Virtual Teleportation: Add Live Camera Motion to Your Remote Chroma Ke

MRMC Broadcast has developed a new approach that allows you to add camera motion to teleportation: to seamlessly bring remote talent into your shot or studio by creating a single moving camera shot synchronised across multiple locations.

Practicalities of PTZ Production: Open Integration Is Key

Central to any successful PTZ production solution is the ability to integrate any combination of PTZ cameras and rails / jib solutions. Connectivity within the system is key, as it allows you to build systems with scale while separating control interfaces.

Access Your Guide to PTZ Enablement Now

Introducing camera motion and automated robotics into this workflow offers a different way to approach and manage growing productions. Integrating this technology isn’t as complicated or expensive as one might think. Immediately, camera robotics help production teams expand interest while delivering practical benefits, particularly when integrating with PTZ cameras.

MRMC to Launch New Sports, Studio Production Gear at 2023 NAB Show

At NAB 2023, MRMC Broadcast will showcase three new products, focusing on sports and studio production in our largest-ever product lineup.

Introducing Our Curved Rail Solutions

Every time we attend a trade show or event such as ISE that took place recently in Barcelona, we get a lot of interest in our rail solutions and people always ask about curved rail.


As a follow on from the launch Thursday Sessions event which took place in December, Gravity Media the world leading global provider of complex live creative production and media services hosted the second networking night to bring the industry’s broadcast, film and TV community together at their Manchester home in the centre of town at the ABC Buildings, Enterprise City.

MRMC Bring it's Motion Expertise to enable PTZ Productions

We have brought our innovative technology to Pro-AV and Broadcast to elevate your PTZ production with our automated camera tracking and robotics solutions. Free up your production and operation teams with our Polymotion Chat subject tracking, and dd dynamic movement with our range of rail and jib solutions.


Attendance at ISE and additional reseller appointments mark continued growth for MRMC Broadcast.

The unconventional versatility of camera robotics

In this feature, Assaff Rawner, CEO, talks through how the versatile nature of camera robotics is causing widespread adoption across a diverse range of industries.

Content, content and content: the future of sports broadcast

In this feature, Marius Merten, Sports Broadcast Manager, MRMC talks through how sports broadcasting can adapt to the demand for more content as we move in to 2023.

Rental, Lease or Buy MRMC Broadcast Products

At MRMC we want to ensure our customers can make use of our kit, regardless of the project and its scope. That's why we offer rental and leasing in addition to purchase. 

A Streamlined Set-Up Using X-Y Robotic Tracking

Traditional camera tracking systems add complexity and often has ongoing costs. Using X-Y tracking is a cost-effective alternative and has been built in to our product range, including the TRH-1 Track Robotic Head.

QRS-1 unlocks a world of opportunities for creating more dynamic shot

While MRMC continually expands on their product range, the QRS (Quiet Rail System) has always been a favourite among customers who are attempting a more creative production, and to provide their viewers with a more appealing and engaging experience

TV Tech's Guide to Remote Production

Remote media production is not new but the increasing use of IP technology and the cloud has made its use far more widespread and accessible. In their latest guide, TV Tech brings you the commentary and insight from the professionals on the front lines of M&E technology development and implementation driving this phenomenon.

MRMC Broadcast acquires full Slidekamera product range

At IBC 2022, we announced our acquisition of Slidekamera, which brings an even wider choice of motion and robotic solutions to MRMC's broadcast offering. The move cements a long-established development partnership between the two companies.

Case Study: Grace Church Uses MRMC Robotics to Streamline Production

The HOW selected two MRMC AFC 100 heads which have been integrated into the eight-camera setup, along with our Multi-Head Controller (MHC) user interface.

Polymotion Chat For Large Installations

One of the lesser-known features of MRMC's Polymotion Chat automated tracking system is the ability to daisy-chain multiple systems together for large infrastructure installations.


AFP, who has a partnership with Nikon, installed the Z 9 for the first time in MRMC’s underwater robotics. By operating it in conjunction with the remote-control Nikon NX Field, impressive underwater photography was taken.

The details that make Nikon and MRMC such a great partnership

When it comes to the Nikon Z9, the important bits are there, 8K, 12 BIT RAW, live 10 BIT HDMI output and Genlock, which I think is unique in a mirrorless camera like this.

MRMC Broadcast Announces Key APAC Reseller Partnership with Cgangs Int

The partnership with Cgagns represents an exciting time for MRMC as it seeks to further embed its solutions within virtual and studio production in Singapore and beyond.

Showcasing Innovation Across Europe and MENA

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, signals its intent to penetrate the broadcast market at scale with a substantial presence at four major international trade shows this month.

Keeping it Natural

With the pandemic expediting remote workflows, interest for camera robotics technology is growing very rapidly. The use cases for robotics across outside broadcast, studios, and even in houses of worship applications are growing, and so is the confidence and understanding in how robotics fit into the bigger picture.

Triple Award Win For Bolt Jr+ And Polymotion Chat

NAB Show announced this week that both Bolt Jr+ and Polymotion Chat won 2 awards for ‘Best new Technologies’ in the ‘Camera, support, control & accessories’ categories at the 2021 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards.


The Agile Remote Camera acquisition marks a really exciting point in the development of MRMC automated camera tracking systems. We at MRMC have long been admirers of the Agile cameras.


2020 may have been the year that the pandemic stopped sport dead in its tracks, but 2021 has been nothing short of scintillating in terms of the quality of Sport that has been showcased on our screens.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Automated Camera Tracking

Simplify your workflow, boost efficiency and increase productivity – sounds like a dream, right?


As we’ve mentioned in previous editions of the broadcast blog, the MRMC Broadcast team has been working with the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL), who are responsible for organising and marketing German professional football. Using Polymotion Player (our automated player tracking system), we enabled the Bundesliga to automatically track and follow an individual star player.

3 Reasons Why a Robotic Arm is Better Than a Jib

One of the recurring points of discussion that has come up during some of the recent demos of our broadcast studio products has been from customers who currently own a jib, asking if I own a jib, why would I even think about using a robotic arm?

Polymotion Player - DFL Bayern Munich V Borussia Dortmand

On-site at the Allianz Arena in Munich was an MRMC designed and build POD system, a robotic PTZ system with an integrated Nikon Camera and Lens. The robotic camera was driven by Polymotion Player using the Hego live tracking data supplied live in stadiums across the Bundesliga.

Robotic Camera Heads - Darts World Championships

Our main objective at the event to provide robotic camera heads in keys positions on the production to capture some innovative angles of the players and the dartboard for the TX.

Automated Tracking Latest Developments

We have just released version 2.7 of Polymotion Chat, this is the first significant version release since I joined the company and it’s been interesting to see all the little things that have gone into getting it to this point.


During the 2020/21 football season, the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) is trialling Polymotion Player to track individual players while they’re on the field.

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