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Every time we attend a trade show or event such as ISE that took place recently in Barcelona, we get a lot of interest in our rail solutions and people always ask about curved rail.

By Paddy Taylor, Head of Broadcast

It is often not possible to demonstrate this particular option as the space required to create a suitable parallax is usually unaffordable or simply impossible at smaller trade shows. However, we are pleased to confirm that we do offer curved rail solutions and are currently bringing into stock curved sections of track at 2.5 and 4 metre radii.

We want to make it easy for people to consider curved rail sections, so the in-stock rail sections can be combined with straights to build any length of rail or even S shapes and other complex combinations of curves.

A challenge often faced with curved rail solutions is in meeting the common request for a solution that incorporates both straight and curved. Typically, curved rail prices and lead times are prohibitive. By Keeping these 2.5 and 4 metre radius bends in stock alongside straight sections means the MRMC Broadcast team can deliver quickly, perhaps for rental or those that need something that’s more cost-effective, then we are able to deliver.

Our rail and head solutions also provide choice. A customer can use a pan tilt zoom camera, such as those from Birddog, Panasonic, Sony or Canon, or combine the rail with one of MRMC’s robotic heads and use a broadcast, cine or mirrorless camera in conjunction with the rail.

Like all of MRMC’s solutions, the curved rail range is encoded, allowing it to be used for positional data applications, such as virtual graphics, including chromakey and live LED workflows. Data is typically outputted as FreeD. Other protocols are possible and our FreeD sync box can take FreeD data from other third-party cameras, such as Birddog, Panasonic and Canon, and incorporate that with the data from the rail to give accurate positional data to the graphics system.

We can, of course, build custom bends to almost any requirement, so if you are planning a studio and want an underslung or overslung rail system, then get in touch. We believe we have every option covered.

We have been working hard to add more products to our PTZ enablement solutions, and curved rail has always been one of the core products and there’s more coming!

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See the curved rail in action

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