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Get Moving With Slidekamera By MRMC Kits

A range of highly-engineered sliders and heads make automated image capture more accessible than ever before.

An Accessible, Robust Slider Range

Engineered for versatility, the ATLAS SLIDER features a modular design that makes it perfect for studio and stage. Simply choose your rail length (available in up to 3 metre sections), robotic head, and control options to capture perfectly smooth shots with the utmost stability, time after time.

Providing unbeatable precision, the TITAN SLIDER is the most precise in its category. Due to the stainless-steel mechanism of the cart, the TITAN SLIDER allows the operator to perform shots as precisely as never before. The Titan is designed with macro shots in mind – where there’s no room for error.

Integrates Straight into Your Workflow

Both the ATLAS SLIDER and the TITAN SLIDER are portable and fast to set up. Featuring universal mounting adapters and optional orientation mounts, the Atlas can be transported and set up anywhere.

The ATLAS SLIDER also integrates directly with your existing production kit. For example, when partnered with the DJI Ronin gimbal on top of the rail dolly to provide an extra layer of stabilisation and control on an already smooth platform. This setup can even be paired with a Kairos controller, which recognises the gimbal as a 3-axis remote head with the Slidekamera adapter. You can control the rotation of all axis with the joystick or knobs. The speed and acceleration of the axis can be altered, as on a regular remote head, for example the BULLHEAD STUDIO. Find out more about the ATLAS SLIDER and BULLHEAD Kit here.

Meanwhile, the TITAN SLIDER can be mounted onto any standard grip solutions. For example, C-stands with the 5/8″ spigot, or larger light stands with the standard 1-1/8″ mount. You can use them as a support for the central tripod or as the main grip along with a robotic head. Find out more about the TITAN SLIDER and BULLHEAD STUDIO kit here.

To take its integration capabilities even further, the Slidekamera system is built on a unique ‘Slidelink’ module. This makes adding new features and device integration universal, no matter the slider and/or head you are using.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our latest update, which will allow you to add support for PTZ cameras!

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