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Renting camera robotics for field-based sports production can significantly enhance the quality and versatility of video coverage. Camera robotics offer the ability to capture dynamic shots, track fast-paced action, and provide unique perspectives that may be challenging with traditional camera setups.

By Paddy Taylor

Here at MRMC, we are pleased to have so many customers using our products in such a diverse range of applications.

One of the things that we are most pleased with is customers who approach us, specifically looking to answer a problem that they have been unable to find a solution to. We pride ourselves on solving customer issues around positioning, cameras, and tracking subjects, putting cameras where people traditionally can’t go (underwater camera anyone!).

Major sporting events are a perfect example of where MRMC can offer a complete solution from the robotics used to capture the action, from the court, track, or pitch, through to the field studio robotics. Broadcasters are required to maintain the same production quality or even exceed it to showcase the event, but doing so from a remote location and tying this into the studio workflows back at base.

The upcoming Olympics in Paris are a perfect example, we already have customers who are using our robotic solutions for capturing the sports and a number who are engaging with us to provide their field studio robotic solutions.

Our experience doing work for the rugby World Cup also in France has been the perfect test period particularly where we have been deploying the SR-1 Small Robotic Head as part of its beta program and we are extremely excited to be supplying significantly more robotics for the upcoming summer games.

We will have staff members based in Paris for the duration of the games, enabling us to provide on-site support to add customers both those covering the sports and those providing traditional Broadcast workflows.

So, if you have requirements or would like to discuss ideas on how you could do something exciting for a field studio in Paris next summer give us a call. This is a great opportunity to excel in creating unparalleled camera movement, either with rail systems, or a robotic arm like the Studiobot. Or maybe our automated jib solution suits your workflow, to enable spectacular repeatable automated shots. And then, there is our new virtual teleportation solution that can create one-to-two-person shots seamlessly between different locations.

Get in touch and we would be happy to arrange a remote demo or in-person (your choice) to take you through what MRMC can offer.


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