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2020 may have been the year that the pandemic stopped sport dead in its tracks, but 2021 has been nothing short of scintillating in terms of the quality of Sport that has been showcased on our screens.

2020 may have been the year that the pandemic stopped sport dead in its tracks, but 2021 has been nothing short of scintillating in terms of the quality of Sport that has been showcased on our screens.

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From athletics to soccer to even non-traditional sports like skateboarding, there has truly been something for everyone. And as media outlets clamber to get the best possible shots for their global audiences, the demand for never seen before camera angles has become even greater as each media platform vies for a new perspective. MRMC offers an unrivaled selection of remote photography solutions, that can be positioned anywhere within an arena, stadium and around the field of play.


The POD is agile and quick and can perform repeatable movements with high accuracy. Photographers have capitalized on this in sports environments to create motion blur effects in their photos. Using a simple gaming joystick or the on-screen controls, the user is able to accurately follow an athlete such as a swimmer and take continuous photos capturing great amounts of detail such as the face of a swimmer blowing air out of their nose and mouth with a blurry background of the water portraying the speed of the action.


MHC (Multi-head controller) gives the user the ability to control any robotic head or camera at the touch of a button. Camera presets can be stored and saved easily and the operator can move quickly from one shot to another. With a click of a button, the camera moves to the exact position on the start line ready for the action to begin, or in the other direction not to miss the celebrations at the finish line.


Remote photography has become a crucial tool for organizations and agencies which cover large-scale sports competitions or events, especially in this time and age where everyone has become more conscious about their carbon footprint. Minimizing travel to reduce carbon emissions as well as limiting staff on-site due to the ongoing pandemic has become a top priority for all. Robotic cameras allow organizations to keep their staff safe while retaining the quantity and quality of their work. The fact that one operator can access multiple robots in different venues instantaneously permits for broader coverage of the event from a single location. For example, the half-time in a football game is no longer considered downtime for a photographer, as they can now simply jump onto another robot where a different sport is about to begin and capture valuable photographs.


From the wide range of products that MRMC manufacture, the POD has given professional photographers a new outlook. It has unlocked a new dimension in photography. A world where photographers can expand on their creativity and imagination to capture pictures never seen before. From a camera mounted in the roof of a stadium looking down at a volleyball player smashing a ball for the win to an underwater robot that captures synchronized divers breaking the surface of the water as they enter head first.

As sport evolves and photographers push the limits of what can be achieved, MRMC stays a step ahead innovating and creating solutions that meet and exceed the demand. The Robotic Pod is only one of many products that has become an essential instrument in its field, providing quality that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

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