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Cinebot Max Unveiled At NAB Show

With the arrival of NAB Show, the Cinebot Max has made its grand debut to the world after being revealed little over a week ago. Boasting an increased payload, reach and range of motion compared to the Cinebot Mini, the Max is set to take the show by storm. We’re showcasing the Cinebot Max as part of “The Unreal Ride”, giving you the chance to be among the first ever to be captured by it, with the added perk of taking home your own personalised movie.

Push User-Friendly & Portable Motion Control To The Max

The new Cinebot Max has now been officially revealed to the world and has made its grand debut at NAB Show 2024, garnering an overwhelmingly positive reception! The Max builds upon the capabilities of the Cinebot Mini, boasting an increased 20kg payload, over 1.7m of reach, and a maximum height of 3.2m, providing even greater control over your shots; ideal for more demanding shoots.

Not only that but just like its smaller sibling, the Max pushes the boundaries of motion control with PushMoco®. With just a tap of a button, you can manually move the Cinebot Max arm, as well as push it along track like a standard dolly, and have your moves recorded and played back. With PushMoco®, just about anyone can take the director’s chair and create their own unique motion control moves.

The compact design of the Max means it can be easily transported to on-location shoots and quickly assembled, making it a breeze to bring to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2024 NAB Show! This year, we seamlessly integrated the Cinebot Max into our immensely popular immersive experience, “The Unreal-Ride”, where participants are captured by our robots from dynamic angles against a state-of-the-art LED wall, culminating in the creation of a personalised movie to take home, all powered by motion control and virtual production.

Serving as a secondary camera perspective alongside the usual one provided by Bolt™ X, The Cinebot Max offers a distinct perspective to view your ride and allows you to experience its remarkable performance firsthand. With an extended range of motion, the Max perfectly complements Bolt X, as both robots provide the wide operating envelope necessary for capturing smooth continuous shots from any angle.

If you’re at NAB Show, be sure to visit stand L2 in the central lobby and be among the first to see the Cinebot Max in action. Additionally, get creative with the Cinebot Mini, where we’ll be offering interactive PushMoco® demonstrations alongside the Unreal Ride for more hands-on experience with our Cinebot Range. We hope to see you there!


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