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Steve Giralt and the Slow Mo Guys

With over 14 million Youtube subscribers, ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ partnered up with motion control expert and esteemed CEO of The Garage, Steve Giralt to create a cool stunt that was captured using the Bolt X. They decided to demonstrate a classic move in slow-motion; pulling a tablecloth from underneath a table, whilst keeping the food intact!

The coupling of the slow-motion capabilities of the Phantom camera with the high-speed and precise movements of Bolt X provides a visual treat for all viewers to enjoy. Not only is the video entertaining to watch, but it also provides some great insights into how you can pull off similar motion control moves too!

This awesome demonstration can be found on The Slow Mo Guys’ second channel, ‘The Slow Mo Guys 2 ‘ and already achieved over 1,000,000 Views!

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