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Robotface Road Tests the MRMC Tracker App

The moco experts down under at Robotface released a great video demonstrating the MRMC Tracker App in action. Until now, Robotface used the app for only tracking cameras but was also keen to test out its ability to be useful in tracking other movements also related to a shot.

Bolt Jr+ Emulates the Perfect Pour

The team at Robotface built a small handheld rig to hold an iOS phone and used the same grippers that will also fit on the Bolt Jr+ arm. In this video demonstration, Bolt Jr+ perfectly mimics the handheld motion of pouring a jug of water.

The iOS application allows the operator to use their iPhone or iPad like a director’s viewfinder — seeing the object through its camera. Capable of both recording moves and storing keyframes, the Tracker App can then exports these actions to Flair (or Maya) — with Keyframes being editable in Flair.

When importing recorded moves, data is captured at 60fps, similar to motion captured with handheld cameras — these can be smoothed out and made fluid in Flair. The app also allows you to use the AR capability of an iOS device to set a target point and have the recorded move or keyframes keep track of the subject.

Watch the demonstration video.

F9 Video

To test the MRMC Tracker App, download it here.

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