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Get Moving with the MRMC Tracker App

Mastering Precision Motion

Have you given the MRMC Tracker App a try yet? It’s the ultimate tool for crafting lifelike, easy-to-control movements for your MRMC robots to follow. This app turns your mobile device into a director’s viewfinder, offering real-time scene visualisation through its camera. Frame and navigate motion shots, record moves, store keyframes, and export actions to Flair (or Maya) to gain total control over your shots!

Recorded moves are captured at 60fps, similar to handheld camera motion, and can be refined in Flair. You can also utilise iOS AR capabilities to set a target point, enabling moves or keyframes to seamlessly track a subject. The MRMC Tracker App integrates with all our moco robotics, making it just a quick download to begin creating customised movements with ease! Download it now from the App Store click here.

We’ve also prepared a highlights reel showcasing the MRMC Tracker App’s capabilities, with examples of how our clients have leveraged it to their advantage.

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