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TIM — A Short Film Made By Robots

The Invisible Man

Our highly anticipated short film, “TIM,” (The Invisible Man) has arrived! Created in collaboration with 6 Degrees Romania, the story centres around the mysterious Invisible Man and his attempt to cover his tracks after seemingly committing a murder. What distinguishes this production from other shoots, is the combination of different technologies used to bring the story to life.  The creative team incorporated a mind-boggling fusion of motion control techniques to successfully execute the illusion of an Invisible Man. This involved the utilisation of three Bolt Cinebot systems, Flair, the MRMC Tracker app, performance capture, and post-production to seamlessly bring all the elements together for this challenging yet visually astounding shoot.

Take a trip behind the scenes of TIM for a detailed overview of the project or delve into our comprehensive case study where we leave no stone unturned. You can also read an interview with the Director and Moco Operator published in Definition magazine.

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