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Introducing Slideye 2.0

Slidekamera’s latest software release, Slideye 2.0, is designed to cater to the diverse needs of filmmakers and content creators. The application’s core functionality is built around an Ethernet connection and seamlessly integrates into your workflow, regardless of your shooting environment.

A Versatile Solution for Filmmakers and Content Creators

Slideye 2.0 is designed to help professional videographers looking to create captivating content. The system is packed full of features; configuration is effortless, and setup, connection management, and drive calibration are simplified. 

Key Operating Features:

  • Parallax Mode: Enables precise tracking of stationary objects.
  • Mapping Real-World Data: You can map drive units to non-linear real-world data, such as setting up lens drives to work with actual focus distance.
  • Real-Time Motion Control: With options like a virtual joystick, Kairos, and gamepad, you have real-time control at your fingertips.
  • Independent Control: Enjoy independent speed and acceleration control on all axes.
  • Hardware Sets: Switch between multiple hardware sets or groups for added flexibility.
  • Camera Preview: Get a live camera preview (requires a video capture card).
  • Keyframes and Motion Paths: Recall stored positions and create motion paths based on multiple keyframes (moves).
  • Curves Editor: Experience industry-standard workflow for precise motion and ultimate control.
  • Quick Access: Access stored keyframes and moves with ease.
  • Easy Updates: Update existing positions and motion paths effortlessly.
  • Touch Interface: The interface is scalable and customizable, and is designed with touch in mind.

Add Slideye To Your SetUp Today

Contact the Sales Team today to learn more about Slideye 2.0 and how to add it to your Slidekamera setup.

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