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On Set with the Titan & Bullhead: Crafting the Sparkasse Commercial

In this cinematic shoot for German paperless banking organisation — Sparkasse, director of photography Max Leithner utilised the exceptional precision and stability of the Titan Slider and Bullhead Studio to create a visually stunning and impactful narrative.

On Set with the Titan & Bullhead: Crafting the Sparkasse Commercial

The Titan Slider and Bullhead Studio played a pivotal role in a recent commercial for Sparkasse’s paperless banking campaign. This advertisement had a primary objective: to vividly convey the overwhelming nature of outdated paper-based tasks in modern workplaces. To bring this message to life, DOP Max Leithner harnessed the capabilities of the Slidekamera by MRMC Bullhead Studio, which played a crucial role in executing a visually stunning dolly-out sequence. Additionally, Max Leithner utilised the TITAN Slider equipped with a snorkel lens to smoothly capture intricate scenes depicting the everyday stress of managing paperwork in the office.

The camera movement during the dolly-out sequence required flawless control to transition from a close-up of a paper-filled table to a wider perspective, immersing the viewer in the sheer volume of paper cluttering the workspace. The Bullhead Studio, with its reinforced gearboxes and high-quality connectors, ensured precise and sturdy camera movement, resulting in a visually impactful and seamlessly executed sequence, leaving the viewer engrossed in the scene thanks to smooth and steady motion.

Max Leithner’s use of the TITAN Slider equipped with the Snorkel Lens facilitated live panning while ensuring a level horizon when capturing the finer details of the commercial. The Titan Slider’s silent motion and precision were indispensable for ensuring that the shots with the delicate lens would be captured with the utmost accuracy and control, with the unparalleled stability of the Titan Slider allowing this highly delicate lens to capture the most intricate sequences with absolutely no wobble.

In summary, the use of the Titan Slider and Bullhead Studio in this project serves as an illustrative example of how Slider Kits can be harnessed to create impactful visual narratives. Through precise and stable camera movement, this advertisement effectively communicates the urgency for change in traditional paper-based work processes and promotes the benefits of embracing paperless financing solutions from Sparkasse.

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