Steve Giralt On Why He Uses MRMC Robotics

With his recent release of the Garage Learning (the world’s first online creative learning platform teaching Visual Engineering), renowned New York based creative visual engineer Steve Giralt talks about why he chose MRMC robotic solutions for his studio and the benefits of using the Bolt Jr+, BoltBolt X, Milo and a Model Mover bring to his creative work.

“The Bolt has been really great for our high-speed shoots, but now bringing Milo into our studio has been really exciting. Milo brings a new level of accuracy and precision to motion control. Having Bolt X on Track expands the line where now we have a super long arm robot on track that can move super high-speed which brings our abilities out into working in bigger sets with bigger moves”

— Steve Giralt, Visual Engineer

We are also excited to support Steve Giralt in his newly launched The Garage Learning, a creative learning platform teaching Visual Engineering — a process that combines visual storytelling with cutting-edge science. Courses cover a wide range of pre-to-post-production topics, including studio lighting, motion control camera, rig & light building, colour grading, VFX integration and more, all taught by leading industry experts. The immersive online courses & learning kits teach budding filmmakers and visual storytellers the art of creating high-end commercial content — all at a fraction of the price it would typically cost.

The online film school teaches the art and science of commercial filmmaking as you’ve never seen before. To find out more about the Garage Learning, click here.

To find out more about our high-speed MRMC robotic solutions click here.