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Add PTZ Integration To Your Slidekamera Slider Set-Up

Slidekamera has now added PTZ integration to its control ecosystem, allowing you to capture dynamic motion shots with full-axis control. The release is compatible with the Panasonic: UE100 series (AW-UE100, AW-UE150, etc.), all VISCA-compatible Sony PTZ cameras, and Canon CR-N300, CR-N500, CR-N700.

Integration with the Panasonic UE100 series

Thanks to the unique architecture of the SLIDELINK v3.0 communication module, you can create a complete production set-up containing the Panasonic PTZ head and a Slidekamera by MRMC slider. Easily set up each component to use in perfect sync with only one controller.

You can work with the PTZ camera remotely in ‘Live mode’ or use KAIROS to access presets of all parameters. Keyframes and motion paths designed with the KAIROS controller also works with other SLIDEKAMERA axes connected to the controller, making the system coherent and easy to use. The system also now works with the Panasonic AW-RP150 panel for two-way integration.

With our simple adapter, you can use the native PTZ’s mounting plate to rig the camera. This adapter is compatible with Slidekamera sliders, tripods and jibs.

Slidekamera PTZ Integration Explained

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