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World’s First Bolt Cinebot Range Technical Showreel

The wait is over. For the first time ever, watch the world’s fastest Cinebots in action side by side, executing a series of moves that highlight each rig’s operating envelope to give viewers a comparative and comprehensive understanding of each high-speed system.

Bolt – The Fastest Camera Robots In The World

Born out of the need to demonstrate versatility, speed and key specs for all three rigs, the showreel highlights each of the Cinebot’s unique features in a short series of moves that emulates real-world scenarios for Bolt operators. Collaborating with renowned motion control guru, Julian Hermannsen, the concept came to fruition from his many years of experience dealing with client requirements. Long-time motion control Director Sinem Sakaoglu brought the vision to life with a visually engaging high-speed Cinebot showpiece.

“For me, the most impressive, and useful, aspect of the BOLT is its acceleration. It allows you to get up to full speed quickly, which is the part of the shot that you want to use… accelerating up to full speed within a short distance is crucial to be able to use those maximum speeds in your shot.”
– Julian Hermannsen | Motion Control Operator

The technical expertise and programming required to capture such a video meant the majority had to be captured using the award-winning Milo system.

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