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NEW Polymotion One – Single Operator, Multi Camera Workflow


Multi-camera Control

Designed for live sports capture, Polymotion Player is an innovative, portable, multi-camera workflow solution that gives a single operator the ability to record a match from multiple camera positions simultaneously.
Polymotion Player maps out the playing area and the locations of up to 12 robotic cameras. The camera operator follows the action with the ‘main’ camera, while Polymotion Player controls the additional robotic cameras, following the focus of the ‘main’ camera.
MRMC’s Algorithmic Camera Control lets the operator concentrate on covering the action while the Polymotion Player system provides complimentary shots, such as a wide or high tactical view, which can be used for highlights, replays or adjudication.

The robotic cameras are IP connected, allowing the operator, or an additional remote operator, to adjust and control them in real time providing a more dynamic visual experience.
Easily deployed and configured by a single operator, Polymotion Player is perfect for use in multiple locations and can be set up in venues where conventional camera positions are not available. The portable nature Polymotion Player makes it ideal for smaller or temporary venues that may not have the infrastructure to support automated tracking solutions, and also gives sports teams the ability to easily capture footage from multiple angles at training grounds.

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