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Motion Control In Practice With Robotface

Motion Control In Practice With Robotface

The incredibly talented Robotface team over in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in motion control camera work for film and television, recently created a great visual explainer of the world of motion control and the various methods employed for capturing everything from live-action sequences, dynamic time-lapses to music videos, miniatures as well as integration with post-production and real-time game engines.
Covering questions such as:

  1. So what is camera motion control?
  2. What does a camera motion control robot do?
  3. How does it help you if you want to sell a product, shoot eye-popping live-action sequences, shoot miniature sets and models, shoot dynamic time-lapse content, shoot a music video, or if you want to duplicate real-life camera moves into CGI workflows?

Watch the video below to learn all about it!

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