Case Studies

Some Examples of Work

MRMC’s range of robotic systems and solutions are used by companies all over the world, with installations in nearly every continent. From motion control robotics, volumetric capture and broadcast solutions to automated product photography, our image capture solutions are at the cutting edge of robotics development. Below are just some of the client’s we’ve worked with and the systems they have implemented. Case studies categories include:

motion control

Bolt Mini Model Mover Use Case Study with LÉMA Slow

LÉMA Slow are a France based production company specialising in Motion Control & slow motion visual effects. Creating high-end content for many big brands, the team was one of the first companies to get their hands on the new Bolt Mini Model Mover 6-axis arm, putting the new system through its paces and testing it out in a variety of creative scenarios in their Bordeaux based studio.

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It is always a great pleasure to work for iconic car brands, and you can’t get more iconic than the luxury British car manufacturer Bentley. The new film commercial directed by Valentin petit & produced by OCURENS and UNIT 9 required some very precise motion control shots inside the car.

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Where premium car brands are concerned every visual detail is vital. The vision for Mercedes’ new car commercial promoting the release of its latest CLS model was no different, with an extremely technical brief, the production company Tempomedia brought in the incredibly talented motion control experts at Mastermoves to help realise the car company’s creative vision. Using motion control, the brief was to capture an emotional journey, celebrating the aesthetic design of the new Mercedes CLS model.

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In this visually stunning piece, the Bolt X, Bolt Jr+, and Bolt execute a complex series of precisely timed moves that demonstrate each rig’s key features and give a visual comparison of the three systems side-by-side. With such a complex brief to show in a 90-second video the speed, precision and range of movements that each member of the Bolt Cinebot™ family is capable of, while concisely communicating the technical specs of each robot was not a simple one.

With this in mind, we turned to one of Europe’s leading motion control and VFX experts, Julian Hermannsen.

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The successful adoption of Virtual Production techniques in high-end productions, such as Disney’s Mandolorian, has initiated a surge in interest in this industry-changing technology. RiTE Media are at the cutting-edge of this creative revolution, working closely with Epic Games, the developer of the Unreal Engine – the real-time 3D creation tool that is powering virtual production advancements. Through their development of new tools, techniques and by integrating motion control robots, they have broken new ground in virtual production.

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Cross section camera transitions are always a winner on the screen. Couple them with motion control for a carousel-like edit and you’ll get one of the simplest, most effective visual effects.

Based on this principle the Yellow days’ music video “how can I love you?” used a camera that travels vertically 15 floors underground witnessing 15 different changes of scenarios all set in a room.

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Question: ‘Is it possible to start wide on a zoom, dolly the camera diagonally about 50 foot, while seamlessly pushing in tight on the lens, to land perfectly square on a target about 12 x 14 inches and hold still on it for 15 seconds, then boom up & around a column about 12 feet?

Oh… And the camera needs to be on its side the whole time!’

The answer – ‘You can with a Milo rig’

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Volumetric Capture

Wow Inc’s Volumetric Short Film ‘Contour’

Polymotion Stage partner Dimension was approached by  WOW Inc. to collaborate on their stunning short film using 4k volumetric capture shot on Polymotion Stage.

Ensuring WOW had complete creative freedom to work with volumetric assets were created. Artistic lighting was achieved through the use of colour gels which filled the capture space with light to provide directional orange and blue hues. Dimension also used optical motion capture to extract skeletal data from the performances to support the post-production and VFX team.

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Polymotion Stage Coldplay Project

MRMC’s Polymotion Stage partners Dimension worked with Coldplay and Parlophone Records, part of Warner Music Group, on an ambitious volumetric music video creating holograms of Coldplay and BTS for “My Universe” – the second single taken from Coldplay’s ‘Music Of The Spheres’ album. Volumetric capture enabled both bands to be seamlessly blended together in the music video and provided the perfect approach to creating stylised holograms that fit the “otherworldly” music video concept.

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Polymotion Stage Balenciaga Project

In partnership with MRMC, Dimension and Microsoft, Polymotion Stage was used to capture models for the fashion brand Balenciaga, for one of the most innovative volumetric projects ever undertaken.

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Sky Scope 2.0 – In full swing powered by Polymotion Stage

The award-winning Sky Scope technology was back in action for Sky Sports’ coverage of golf’s oldest tournament, The Open. Using cutting-edge volumetric capture technology, Sky Scope 2.0 enabled Sky Sports to ramp up its on-screen performance analysis of golf’s biggest superstars.

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Case Study: A new dawn for cultural experiences

Working with nexus, we were able to bring the king and queen of the Josean dynasty to life in augmented reality for the reopening of the UNESCO world heritage site Changdeok palace. This virtual tour immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and colourful stories once hidden in the past.

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Polymotion Stage Case Study: The 148th Open Championship, Royal Portrush

At the 148th Open Championship, MRMC in partnership with Dimension launched Polymotion Stage. A unique studio environment for the creation of Volumetric video, stills and avatars. Polymotion Stage is available as a Stage Dome or as a Stage Truck solution that can be transported globally to wherever the talent is enabling the quick and efficient volumetric capture of talent and artists on location.

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Oslo Streamingsenter – Polymotion Chat

Recently Oslo Streamingsenter launched a new streaming centre in Oslo, and following a recent studio upgrade, they wanted to install a system that would enhance the content they capture with their PTZ’s making the shots higher quality and more dynamic.  One of the challenges they want to solve was the requirement for automation to make their services more efficient, cost-effective without compromising quality. Following consultation with MRMC Polymotion Chat was recommended a solution to their challenge.

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Polymotion Player Bundesliga Case Study

As the requirements grow for content production for both broadcast & digital purposes, The DFL wanted to create an automated camera system that is able to track, follow and focus on one particular player during a match. The goal was for the camera to capture a player from head to toe, and follow him throughout the match everywhere he turns using tracking data, by using a fully automated system. These player shots would in turn be distributed by live stream among DFL’s national and international licensees and can be used in various ways, such as in additional video feed, in clips, or for analytical purposes. MRMC’s Polymotion Player solution was proposed alongside Chyron Hego’s player tracking system as a solution to this challenge.

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WELT (the biggest privately-owned news channel in Germany) who broadcast content 24 hours a day and based in Berlin, wanted to show panoramic views of the city as part of their daily broadcast segments. They wanted to feature live footage of the city’s iconic buildings such as Berliner Fernsehturm, so they teamed up with MRMC and Qvest Media, to provide a solution.

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During the covid-19 outbreak, social distancing mandates were put in place to ban patrons at major sporting events. Professional photographers were restricted access to normal shooting positions, eliminating key positions for shooting game coverage. Eliminating shooting positions means missing key action and important moments telling the story of an MLB game. All of this results in poor fan engagement.

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Robotic POD – 2021 US Inauguration Case Study

How do you cover an event that photographers can’t access? Joe Biden’s inauguration would be a ceremony like no other as for the first time in history, patrons were banned from attending the event due to the high-risk security situation that arose from the storming of the capitol by protestors. MRMC’s robotic pod were designed for remote photography & video capture and were able to put cameras where it wouldn’t be safe – or permitted – for photographers to go to capture the crucial shots. since the global pandemic started in 2020, the uptake of our remote Robotic Pods, including at the US Capitol on January 20th , has seen a huge increase in demand, as the upward trend of remote production and remote image capture gathers momentum.

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Compared to other equipment we have used, the MRMC robotics are high-quality products and the MHC software has a lot of potential for us going forward. We recently introduced two of MRMC’s AFC 100 heads into our 8-camera set-up, which we use to film services at the Grace Church in Maryland Heights, MO, as upgrades for an older PTZ system.

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London Live

London Live is a local TV channel based in London, England. The channel transmits local news, current affairs, sports, arts, events and entertainment and was launched on the 31st March 2014.

MRMC and London Live began discussions around ways to employ motion control robotics to realise a radically different approach to broadcast studio content acquisition and workflows.

Headed by Technical Director, Bryn Balcombe, the LL team saw an opportunity to challenge traditional assumptions of the look and format of TV news and current affairs programmes.

The perception of local TV is low budget technology often resulting in a cheap and static look. London Live set out to innovate and challenge this notion and without the budget of National TV studios, opted for a different look using full frame sensor cameras. With developments in DSLR camera technology allowing for high-quality HD video functionality in addition to a cinematic shallow depth of field look, the team began looking for a supplier that could integrate this technology in a studio environment.

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Product Photography


Asics is a Japanese athletic equipment company that has advanced to multi-national, producing everything from footwear to water bottles and cater to all needs within the sporting community. ASICS set out to find a camera solution suitable for mass product photography and, after undertaking extensive market research, ASICS discovered MRMC’s Orbital.

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World’s First 24 Hour Gigapixel Time-lapse Panorama Created with Robotic Head & Nikon D850

We had the pleasure of supporting a fantastic new project to create the World’s First 24-hour Gigapixel panorama of the London skyline.

The contact lens provider, Lenstore, teamed up with VR & 360 production company Visualise, who, using the incredible Nikon D850 and our motion control robotic Ulti-head, captured the amazing timelapse from the top of Canary Wharf!

The technical aspects of this project were immense. Pinpoint accuracy was required to stitch the thousands of detailed photos together; without the absolute precision of the repeat passes, the images wouldn’t have seamlessly blended together – which is why the robotic Ulti-head was ideal for the task!

Similarly, Nikon’s D850 was needed to ensure the highest degree of image sharpness, and its whopping 45.7 megapixels means that you can zoom into any part of the photo and pick up details nearly 5 miles away!

Each Panorama is made up of 260 individual photos and is 155 degrees wide (183,944 x 40,060 pixels) – which equates to the capturing of over 7 billion pixels per hour!

The results are incredible – the World’s First 24 Hour Gigalapse panorama!

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Studio 727 Digitalisation Project

Studio 727 are a Slovakian post-production company that has been using MRMC robotics for some years now. They completed a nationwide digitalisation project, in which they had to take over 10 million photos! Using over 10 different MRMC robotic rigs, they worked through 55 museums to capture the countries historical artefacts.

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Showbolt Red Bull Case Study

Red Bull approached Showbolt with a brand experience brief to support the Red Bull Media World at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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