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Cross section camera transitions are always a winner on the screen. Couple them with motion control for a carousel-like edit and you’ll get one of the simplest, most effective visual effects.

Based on this principle the Yellow days’ music video “how can I love you?” used a camera which travels vertically 15 floors underground witnessing 15 different changes of scenarios all set in a room.

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Compared to other equipment we have used, the MRMC robotics are high-quality products and the MHC software has a lot of potential for us going forward. We recently introduced two of MRMC’s AFC 100 heads into our 8-camera set-up, which we use to film services at the Grace Church in Maryland Heights, MO, as upgrades for an older PTZ system.

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Polymotion Stage Case Study: The 148th Open Championship, Royal Portrush

At the 148th Open Championship, MRMC in partnership with Dimension launched Polymotion Stage. A unique studio environment for the creation of Volumetric video, stills and avatars. Polymotion Stage is available as a Stage Dome or as a Stage Truck solution that can be transported globally to wherever the talent is enabling the quick and efficient volumetric capture of talent and artists on location.

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World’s First 24 Hour Gigapixel Time-lapse Panorama Created with Robotic Head & Nikon D850

We had the pleasure of supporting a fantastic new project to create the World’s First 24-hour Gigapixel panorama of the London skyline.

The contact lens provider, Lenstore, teamed up with VR & 360 production company Visualise, who, using the incredible Nikon D850 and our motion control robotic Ulti-head, captured the amazing timelapse from the top of Canary Wharf!

The technical aspects of this project were immense. Pinpoint accuracy was required to stitch the thousands of detailed photos together; without the absolute precision of the repeat passes, the images wouldn’t have seamlessly blended together – which is why the robotic Ulti-head was ideal for the task!

Similarly, Nikon’s D850 was needed to ensure the highest degree of image sharpness, and its whopping 45.7 megapixels means that you can zoom into any part of the photo and pick up details nearly 5 miles away!

Each Panorama is made up of 260 individual photos and is 155 degrees wide (183,944 x 40,060 pixels) – which equates to the capturing of over 7 billion pixels per hour!

The results are incredible – the World’s First 24 Hour Gigalapse panorama!

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Studio 727 Digitalisation Project

Studio 727 are a Slovakian post-production company who have been using MRMC robotics for some years now. They have recently completed a nationwide digitalisation project, in which they had to take over 10 million photos! Using over 10 different MRMC robotic rigs, they worked through 55 museums to capture the countries historical artefacts!

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London Live

London Live is a local TV channel based in London, England. The channel transmits local news, current affairs, sports, arts, events and entertainment and was launched on the 31st March 2014.

MRMC and London Live began discussions around ways to employ motion control robotics to realise a radically different approach to broadcast studio content acquisition and workflows.

Headed by Technical Director, Bryn Balcombe, the LL team saw an opportunity to challenge traditional assumptions of the look and format of TV news and current affairs programmes.

The perception of local TV is low budget technology often resulting in a cheap and static look. London Live set out to innovate and challenge this notion and without the budget of National TV studios, opted for a different look using full frame sensor cameras. With developments in DSLR camera technology allowing for high-quality HD video functionality in addition to a cinematic shallow depth of field look, the team began looking for a supplier that could integrate this technology in a studio environment.

For an overview of how MRMC robotics work within the London Live Studio watch the video here | Download case study PDF