The Kilden Theater and Concert Hall

Kilden Theater and Concert Hall Achieve Success with MRMC's QRS-1

Testing The Quiet Rail System By MRMC

At the beginning of November, in connection with a concert recording by the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, a Proof Of Concept (POC) was arranged at Kilden Theater and Concert Hall in Kristiansand. The system tested was a Quiet Rail System-1 (QRS-1) from Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), an extremely quiet robotic rail system with a camera dolly that is a great solution to enable PTZ production. The PoC came about after long discussions about the possibilities of such solutions, with the guidance of Danmon, a key MRMC partner based in Norway. Alongside the MRMC team, Danmon also invited contacts from Creative Technology in Bergen and Norsk Produksjon (Npro) in Trondheim as the solution on display could be relevant to both companies, which are doing similar productions in their hometowns. This was the perfect opportunity to see an operational QRS-1 system during a real production.

The MRMC Control Panel In Use

Exploring MRMC's QRS-1: Enhancing Digital Productions

Danmon chose a PTZ camera solution for the Kilden Concert Hall camera production. The production team is always looking for opportunities to improve the experience of their digital productions and met MRMC Sales Manager Matt Bryan together with Per Erik at IBC 2023. The PoC was then organised and Danmon arranged a demo of a six-meter QRS-1 rail with a Panasonic PTZ camera to capture footage of the symphony orchestra while they were performing at the house. Together, the Danmon and MRMC team installed the rail and assisted with the technical demo, along with the technical team from Creative Technology (CT), which is responsible for the TV production for the Bergen Philharmonic, and Norsk Produksjon (npro), which is the technical team around the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

The camera rail was positioned on the stage left gallery edge to capture both wide-angle and close-up shots with fluid movement. A key factor to ensure that any rail solution is a worthwhile investment is the level of noise it produces. Working with the MRMC team, it was ensured that the set-up was optimised to minimize noise and disruption for the audience and orchestra. The set-up was well received, and after the concert, the orchestra’s chief conductor expressed a strong desire to further explore how this solution can be used to enhance production quality.

Kristian H Lohne, Imaging Technician

Kilden Theater and Concert Hall


We have now had the opportunity to see and test the MRMC QRS-1 Quiet Rail System a couple of times. Both with and without robot tracking system. This is a rail system we are looking to integrate into our rental range to elevate our camera productions with new, more dynamic images. We are impressed by what this package can offer in terms of system integration, operation and capacities. We look forward to an exciting future with MRMC and Danmon.

Thomas Solihgaug, Producer

Norsk Produksjon

All Set, Ready To Go

The QRS demo system was set up and ready for use at the Kilden Theater and Concert Hall.

I recently got to test and use an MRMC QRS-1 Quiet Rail System in an orchestral production in Kilden Theater and Concert Hall in Kristiansand. This equipment gives TV production a big boost in both quality and creativity. With MRMC’s controller and software, the system is easy to use and quick to set up. Good build quality makes the camera dolly both stable and quiet on the rails, which is extremely important in this type of production. The images you get by using this type of equipment provide good transitions and effects, and help create a unique production. This helps to make the production much more interesting for the viewer. We used the QRS system in both total shots and close-ups, and even when it was zoomed all the way in, it still produced stable images. In Creative Technologies, we already use 5 AFC-100 camera robot heads from MRMC in our productions for the Bergen Philharmonic.

Theodor Ramskeid, Technical Operations Manager

Creative Technology

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