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General Elektrik's Quirky New Music Video Created with Motion Control

General Elektriks new music video Different Blue directed by Arno Salters, demonstrates some excellent examples of Motion Control; the quirky new music video sees the band being cloned progressively more and more throughout the video. This kind of precision repeat pass work can only be accurately achieved through the use of motion control. The shoot, filmed in Berlin was […]

The Milo Motion Control Rig Made Entirely of Lego!

We thought this was just brilliant and had to post it up. The video below shows the Milo Motion Control Rig created completely out of Lego. Created by Yoursimo – a designer of all things made out of Lego. Incredibly it has full movement, running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, arm […]

MRMC Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

This year MRMC celebrates its 50th anniversary, and its rate of developing world-class revolutionary products shows no sign of abating. MRMC had its humble beginnings 50 years ago, in 1966, when Australian-born engineer, inventor and part-time racing driver Mark Roberts decided to set up a company to service and upgrade old animation rostrum tables. These […]

Stella Artois – Reassuringly Motion Control

MRMC’s Milo motion control rig was recently used to shoot a visually stunning and clever Stella Artois commercial in Spain. Produced by London’s 1st Ave Machine and locals Palma Pictures, the project entitled ‘Stella Artois – Learn how water leaves a mark’ entailed shooting nearly 400 glass chalices rotating on a modern version of a […]

Robots on the Catwalk at Milan Fashion Week

        Last month our rental department headed to Italy for Milan Fashion Week, the third stop of the fashion month marathon. The office was left completely bare with all the motion control rigs on the catwalk for designer Philipp Plein’s unveiling of his women’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The attendees showed up in […]

Annual Service Calls & After Sales Customer Service Survey

In line with our commitment to provide quality, reliable, and cutting edge technology supporting Motion Control solutions, for the creative industries and professionals working in the creative industries. Mark Roberts Motion Control provides 24hr support 365 days a year. Our Senior Service Engineer has over 20 years experience in assisting Producers, DOP’s, Directors, Moco Operators, and Moco Providers with their […]

Upcoming Flair Motion Control Software & Milo Training days

The next planned training dates for our Flair software, including basic Milo motion control rig training will be on the 20th-22nd November. The days are for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, in that order. If you would like to register or get more information please contact us. Please call +44-(0)1342 838 000 or email to […]

Motion Control Tutorial

Motion Control Tutorial from Mark Roberts Motion Control on Vimeo. This motion control tutorial is the most comprehensive, simple to understand explanation of what motion control is and how it is used in the TV and film industry. Over 25 mins you will be introduced to the Milo Motion Control rig, the most widely known […]

Mark Roberts Tributes

Tributes have been pouring in for Mark Roberts who founded Mark Roberts Film Services in 1966, this later became Mark Roberts Motion Control ltd as it is today. Mark’s Family would like to say a heartfelt thank-you for the hundreds of messages received. Here follows a small sample of them: “Please accept my sincere condolences […]

MRMC for Space Exploration

MRMC for Space Exploration Mark Roberts Motion Control equipment used in the exploration of Space? Yes! MRMC are proud to have provided equipment used for the development of space craft being developed by two separate companies developing the next generation of craft to replace the retired space shuttle. The companies involved are developing the different […]

Titan Telescopic Arm

Titan Telescopic Arm  Worlds largest telescopic motion control arm successfully used in productions. Called the Titan Arm and with an extended length of 9 metres (30 feet), it allows numerous shots to be created with motion control that would normally be impossible.   DON’T FORGET THE MOCO FORUM Remember everyone is welcome to become a member […]

The 7 Uses of Motion Control

The 7 Uses of Motion Control (This is the full article previously published in parts) Did we say 7 uses? – Well that’s not quite true. There are in fact countless. To many to list in a newsletter in detail, but there are generally 7 main reasons for using motion control.  These categories are listed below and we will be covering […]

First ever Milo Motion Control Rig on display at BIRTV

First ever Milo Motion Control Rig on display at BIRTV When: August 24th – 27th 2011 Where: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China Come and visit Mark Roberts Motion Control at this year’s BIRTV Exhibition in Beijing where for the first time ever we will have on display the Milo Motion Control Rig. We look […]

Mark Roberts Motion Control launch new website

Mark Roberts Motion Control launch new website:         Mark Roberts Motion Control are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Loaded with information on all of our rigs, heads and our full range of products including many on set shots and behind the scenes footage of our equipment in action. Take a look […]

Milo shoots “splashing” 3D Stereoscopic Spot for Fuji

Milo shoots “splashing” 3D Stereoscopic Spot for Fuji When Fuji wanted a commercial that really communicated the 3D Stereoscopic capabilities of their new camera, they turned to director Tim Stoffel to bring across the message about their Fuji Finepix Real 3dw3. The camera takes pictures in perfect stereo and even shoots 720p HD video in stereoscopic. With […]

*** Dulux Let’s Colour Project ***

Dulux Let’s Colour Project Working with Stink UK and Director Adam Berg (well known in the moco world as the Director of “Carousel” for Phillips, shot using the Milo by the VFX Co.) Let’s Colour was shot over five weeks and took us to four continents. The shoot started in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and ended in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India with a couple of […]

Syndicate Milo – just add water

Syndicate Milo – just add water  Syndicate Entertainment AB – a VFX/moco facility based in Stockholm, Sweden – recently produced a promotional film for the release of Autodesk REVIT, a new architectural software. The production was driven from an animatic that was done in collaboration with the creative team from the agency. The challenge was to […]

New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig

*** New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig *** New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMI) is the first University in the USA to have acquired a Mark Roberts Motion Control Rig. Derek Fisher, the program’s Director of Animation and Visual Effects was appointed to head the effort to develop and equip CMI’s Motion Lab and […]

The Milos Wow at the Paris Fashion Show

The Milos Wow at the Paris Fashion Show Never thought a Milo would be walking down the catwalk at a fashion show?! Think again. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes up with another idea for motion control. This time Gainsbury & Whiting who were producing the Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 collection […]

BIRTV 2009, see the first Milo in China

  *** BIRTV 2009, see the first Milo in China ***  Venue: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing China Exhibition Dates: 26th – 29th of August 2009 Visit MRMC at the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition where we will be demonstrating the first Milo Motion Control Rig in China! For more information or to let us know […]

Milo on the set of Max Payne

Milo on the set of Max Payne In our May 2008 newsletter we mentioned Operator Jerry Andrews and Technician Craig Perrin from Kinetic Camera in Toronto had been working with a Milo on the feature film Max Payne. At the time we couldn’t say or show a whole lot. With the film now released here are some photos and details of how the […]

Losito International Films welcome the arrival of their Milo

Losito International Films welcome the arrival of their Milo Based in Italy, Losito International Films, one of the leaders in the film and TV industry High speed and Table-top/special effects are now the proud owners of their very own Milo Motion Control Rig. Now combining Motion Control with High speed special effects, the Losito crew are […]

Milo Shoot, Natasha Bedingfield, “Angel”

Milo Shoot, Natasha Bedingfield, “Angel”   Camera Control Inc recently operated the Milo on Natasha Bendingfield’s “Angel” music video. The Milo motion control rig was used to achieve multiple passes of Natasha in the various sets and in a variety of costumes. Flair motion control software was used to program the panning off speed, then matched to the panning on […]

The first Milo in Lebanon

The first Milo in Lebanon          Third Eye FX is now the hub of motion control in Lebanon and surrounding regions having just bought their very own Milo Motion Control Rig!  This is the first Milo to be placed and operated in the Middle East.  As well as offering rental of the Milo in all regions of the Middle […]

Interesting US locations

Interesting US locations Here are some shots from Camera Control Inc. shooting on location in the US: The Modula Rig in the Imperial Dunes shooting time-lapes with two Nikon D3 cameras. The day before the shoot, 50 foot of track was laid on a steel deck in the dunes. Have you done something cool with motion control? […]

Bond no Match For Motion Control

Bond no Match For Motion Control Motion Control Operator Ben Goldschmied from Motion Control Cameras Ltd. recently did a MILO shoot with James Bond (Daniel Craig) that tested him to his limits. Here’s what he had to say about it: THE MILO ON SET “Motion Control Cameras were approached to film this commercial with a short brief […]

Famous Second User Milo for Sale

Famous Second User Milo for Sale MRMC have available for sale a second user Milo, which has worked on such well known movies as Superman Returns, The Matrix Trilogy, Babe, Pitch Black, Ghost Ship and many others. It includes many extras, even a full set of curved rails, and a Slimline pan-tilt-roll head. Second user […]

Aardman Animations add the SFH-30 to their arsenal of moco equipment.

Aardman Animations add the SFH-30 to their arsenal of moco equipment.  Triple Oscar Winners Aardman Animations Ltd. have just acquired the SFH-30. This compact, lightweight pan tilt head is designed specifically for Digital SLR, compact video, HD cameras or even the RED camera. The SFH-30 provides precision and accuracy not normally found with similar sized heads, making it suitable for a […]

Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne

Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne Kinetic Camera in Toronto recently completed shots for the feature film Max Payne, due to be released in October this year. We can’t give you any images at this time, but we can tell you that one of the scenes was an establishing shot of Max, played […]

Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment?

Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment? In a recent survey conducted by Mark Roberts Motion Control we found that one of the services you wanted from us was advice and options of what to rent and where to rent motion control equipment from. We are more than happy to offer this service and answer any […]

The RED Camera used on Mark Roberts Motion Control rigs

The RED Camera used on Mark Roberts Motion Control rigs With the first RED cameras shipping at the end of 2007, we are now starting to see them being used in conjunction with precision motion control. Dennis Henry, owner of MC2 used a RED camera on his Cyclops motion control rig and had the following to say, “The shoot […]

Motion Control in Colleges and Universities

Motion Control in Colleges and Universities An increasing number of media, film and computer graphics degree courses are including motion control as a major part of their curriculum. While motion control has been a standard part of filming and special FX for many years, it has rarely been given as much importance at higher education […]

CCI on set with Milos and Ulti-heads

CCI on set with Milos and Ulti-heads Camera Control Inc. (CCI), the largest resource of Mark Roberts Motion Control systems on the West Coast of America recently sent us some great shots of some of their equipment on location. CCI have a large inventory including Milos, Milo Long Arm, Slimline Heads, Ulti-heads, Guinness Head, Panther Systems, a […]

SIGGRAPH 2007 Best of Show Award for ARK

SIGGRAPH 2007 Best of Show Award for ARK The new short animated film “Ark” by Grzegorz ‘Greg’ Jonkajtys (director, producer) and Marcin Kobylecki (producer), has received a number of awards this year including the Best of Show award at SIGGRAPH 07. Shot using the Milo from Platige Image mounted (as you can see in the […]

Makina Creative Post premiers Milo in Turkey

Makina Creative Post premiers Milo in Turkey Turkish company Makina Creative Post started their motion control journey with an extraordinary shoot.  Having taken delivery of a brand new Milo they were challenged with shooting “Dream in Efes” which was the first big budget international commercial for Efes, a leading Turkish beer brand.  The commercial illustrates the taste of Efes in […]

Award winning Milo at IBC

Award winning Milo at IBC  IBC Honors Award recipient – Aardman Animations – showing Milo at IBC Yet again Aardman Animations are scooping awards, this time, the IBC International Honour For Excellence has been awarded to the world famous four times Oscar winning company. So to celebrate this and in association with Aardman we will be exhibiting […]


MOTION CONTROL CAMERAS Ian Menzies of Motion Control Cameras speaks to us about how his close association with our team here at Mark Roberts Motion Control has enabled them to be pioneers in the field of Motion Control filming. Ian, a highly experienced motion control operator and in the business for the last 15 years, was the very first operator to […]

MRMC’s 40th Birthday Celebrations

MRMC’s 40th Birthday Celebrations This year sees the celebration of forty years of innovation from Mark Roberts Motion Control. The history of our company started with Mark Roberts, our founder and chairman, who was born in Western Australia in the early 30’s.  After his education in civil engineering he moved to the UK where upon he had several careers including a […]


ULTI-HEADS SHOW OFF THEIR NEW OWNERS Camera Control Inc based in Los Angeles took delivery of two Ulti-heads from Mark Roberts Motion Control in December last year adding to their two Milos and  Panther dolly.   Operators Chris Toth and Jan Beran both seriously contemplating just how good the Ultihead is! Manager, Jason Rau had this to say “After many years of lugging around […]


OSCAR SUCCESS FOR AARDMAN Nick Park and Steve Box win The Oscar for ‘Best Animated Feature’   Aardman were delighted last night when they picked up an Oscar for the Best Animated Feature. Commenting on this fantastic news Nick Park said “Both Steve Box and myself are just overjoyed and feel very privileged to have won this Oscar. The crew at Aardman deserve this […]

Developments at MRMC

Developments at MRMC Looking back over 2005 we’ve had an astonishing year. It saw the development of new handwheels, an Ulti-head track system, a motion base interface, new panbars, a broadcast touchscreen interface, new lens control motors, a high definition interface and numerous new software features in Flair. We hosted a number of well attended demonstration days all […]

Ikea in a spin

Ikea in a spin Having taken delivery of their Milo this summer, Syndicate Technologies based in Sweden immediately got their Milo into action filming the most quintessentially of Swedish exports…IKEA This was Ikea’s first web only commercial. The campaign is called “Dreamkitchens for everyone” and shows six kitchens in a time slice format which turn […]

Aardman Animates Another Hit!

Aardman Animates Another Hit! The cheese-loving Wallace and his ever faithful dog Gromit—the much-loved duo from Aardman’s Oscar®-winning clay-animated “Wallace & Gromit” shorts—star in an all new comedy adventure, ‘Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’. The acclaimed latest feature from the award winning team was shot extensively with motion control equipment (twenty […]

Koreans visit MRMC

Koreans visit MRMC Last month saw the factory at Sussex be host to a whole variety of visitors including a special delegation from Korea who came to receive some additional training in the use of their Milo. The two companies involved, ETRI and Daesang, received in-depth training from Peter Rush, our chief service engineer, as well […]

Motion Magic for Paheli – Courtesy of Asia Image Magazine

Motion Magic for Paheli – Courtesy of Asia Image Magazine Paheli, the latest Indian blockbuster by acclaimed director Amol Palekar and producer-actor Shah Rukh Khan, shows how motion control can solve the most difficult of visual effects shots. Romance, drama, betrayal. The dilemma of lovers, a symphony emotions, an encounter with the supernatural. A mix of […]


  NETZERO Shoot at CCI In a recent commercial for Net Zero, an Internet provider, production company Patriot Pictures and Riot used Camera Control Inc with their Milo long arm and Slimline Fries camera to shoot a series of pre-visualised moves of a Net Zero customer enjoying his Hyper Fast Internet experience. The concept called […]

British Airways Shoot for “Knucklehead”

British Airways Shoot for “Knucklehead” The latest BA commercial, directed by award winner Daniel Barber from Knucklehead , used extensive motion control techniques supplied by the Visual Effects Company based in London. The commercial begins outside the window of a flat looking at a man inside. With the hero character staying centre frame, the camera […]

The Life Aquatic For Milo

The Life Aquatic For Milo A recent Disney Picture starring Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett featured several shots created with a couple of Milo motion control systems, supplied and operated by Motion Control Cameras, UK. The Life Aquatic is Wes Anderson’s (The Royal Tannenbaums, Rushmore) latest creation.  The film which was shot in Italy in […]

Jerry Andrews is Calling North America…

Jerry Andrews is Calling North America… There are currently three MRMC Milo cranes based in the Eastern half of North America. Two of these are in Canada and the other is based in Atlanta, Georgia. While this large region is fertile ground for creative visual effects in feature films, broadcast television and music videos, recent economic […]

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