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General Elektrik’s Quirky New Music Video Created with Motion Control

General Elektriks new music video Different Blue directed by Arno Salters, demonstrates some excellent examples of Motion Control; the quirky new music video sees the band being cloned progressively more and more throughout the video. This kind of precision repeat pass work can only be accurately achieved through the use of motion control. The shoot, filmed in Berlin was done using Mastermoves Milo Rig, operated by Heiko Matting



Popular music videos often take advantage of using motion control, helping to create captivating visuals to complement the story. Recent projects using moco include OK Go’s ‘The One Moment’ and Kendrik Lamar’s ‘Humble’ video – with over 380 million views!!

The Milo is an Academy Award-winning motion control rig – for more information click here Milo Outline

The Milo Motion Control Rig Made Entirely of Lego!

We thought this was just brilliant and had to post it up. The video below shows the Milo Motion Control Rig created completely out of Lego. Created by Yoursimo – a designer of all things made out of Lego. Incredibly it has full movement, running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle (outer arm), pan, tilt and roll.

The Milo Motion Control Rig they’ve made, as you will see in the video below, incredibly has full movement – running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle (outer arm), pan, tilt and roll.

We’d love to know how long this took to create?

MRMC Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!


This year MRMC celebrates its 50th anniversary, and its rate of developing world-class revolutionary products shows no sign of abating.

MRMC had its humble beginnings 50 years ago, in 1966, when Australian-born engineer, inventor and part-time racing driver Mark Roberts decided to set up a company to service and upgrade old animation rostrum tables.

Mark Roberts Motor RacingThese were found throughout the TV and film industries at the time, used for everything from cell animation, to film titles and news clips. In the early days, before digital computers, he developed analogue computers to automate the movements of the tables. Eventually, he developed larger and larger tables, then gradually the camera (traditionally just pointing down at the table) was automatically moved, and finally clients requested just moving cameras without a table. Hence started the film motion control industry!

In 1977, with the release of Star Wars, the techniques of using motion control for special effects came to the world’s attention, and from then on Mark Roberts Film Services as it was then known created ever better, larger, faster bespoke motion control rigs – including floor and ceiling mounted ones, as well as portable ones.

Milo Motion Control RigMark Roberts’ rigs were used on hundreds of films and commercials, but it was the decision to start making “standard” motion control rig models, not just bespoke ones, that catapulted motion control use to a whole new level. It started in 1992 with the Cyclops, the biggest, fastest and most stable studio based rig; it was then followed with the Milo in 1994 – the best portable/location motion control system to this day – for which MRMC won an Academy Award for changing the way Hollywood works. Since then the development has continued with all that you currently see on the MRMC website – from underwater systems to robotics that can move nearly faster than the eye can see, and much more that never gets a mention but is just as extraordinary.

Stella Artois – Reassuringly Motion Control

FlairMRMC’s Milo motion control rig was recently used to shoot a visually stunning and clever Stella Artois commercial in Spain. Produced by London’s 1st Ave Machine and locals Palma Pictures, the project entitled ‘Stella Artois – Learn how water leaves a mark’ entailed shooting nearly 400 glass chalices rotating on a modern version of a 19th-century toy called a zoetrope!

The production team created a 4-metre tall 3D zoetrope, which is based on an optical toy consisting of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that, when viewed through slits with the cylinder rotating, give an impression of continuous motion. Each of the glasses was painted with an image and when the structure was rotated to match the speed of the camera it produced a wonderful stop frame animation! Check out behind the scenes video below.

For more information about the Milo click here

video image of stella artois advert with Milo Motion Control Rig

Robots on the Catwalk at Milan Fashion Week

MrMoco Robots at Milan Fashion Week   MrMoco Robots at Milan Fashion Week

Last month our rental department headed to Italy for Milan Fashion Week, the third stop of the fashion month marathon. The office was left completely bare with all the motion control rigs on the catwalk for designer Philipp Plein’s unveiling of his women’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The attendees showed up in their glad rags and so did the rigs, having been wrapped head to toe in white for the occasion. The show consisted of a 30m conveyor belt that the models travelled along while the rigs scanned them, passed them sunglasses, mirrors to check themselves out and handbags to complete their look.

Our largest telescopic motion control crane, the Titan took control of the entire show appearing to run a touch screen that selected the programs that the models would go through along the production line. While several fashion shows happen each evening over the week, Philipp Plein’s show stole all the headlines on the opening night of Milan Fashion Week and was picked up by all the major fashion magazines and newspapers.

MrMoco vidoe of Robots at Milan Fashion Week


Annual Service Calls & After Sales Customer Service Survey

In line with our commitment to provide quality, reliable, and cutting edge technology supporting Motion Control solutions, for the creative industries and professionals working in the creative industries. Mark Roberts Motion Control provides 24hr support 365 days a year. Our Senior Service Engineer has over 20 years experience in assisting Producers, DOP's, Directors, Moco Operators, and Moco Providers with their equipment, providing training and on-site service requirements throughout the year, whenever it's required.


MILO being serviced

A new edition to the servicing options available has just been released. We can install an inexpensive slipring in a Milo Rotate and Pan that will pass an HD SDi signal, without going to the vast expense of going Optical. We are using them in the new Broadcast Head we are making – the AFC-100, and the results are very good indeed.

The New AFC 100 with Broadcast camera Mounted

The New AFC 100 with Broadcast camera Mounted

The sliprings we have tested will do easy 1080P at 24 FPS for lower end work and monitoring, with specification up to 60 fps. We anticipate multiple way 4K may be available soon for those who need that and are not recording in camera. It also looks that on some Milos this will also become possible on the Roll slipring too. 

MILO in the Service bay @ MRMC

MILO in the Service bay @ MRMC

There are Service Engineers available to carry out this upgrade in the field for those who are interested, including replacement of one or two cable sets for the rest of the rig, and could include it as part of a service visit. We can also carry this out as a service here at MRMC for those who wish. just send an email to info@mrmoco.com or call the service line to book this upgrade.

After Sales Customer Sevice Update:

A new addition to the website is the After Sales Customer Service Survey, (shown above) and we would like to welcome anyone that has purchased a rig or head from us recently to please fill in this survey so we can learn and adapt our approach according to what you feel we are doing right or areas that we need to improve.

 For further details regarding Service Calls or to speak to a member of the After Sales Customer service team please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control directly: +441342 838 000 or info@mrmoco.com

Upcoming Flair Motion Control Software & Milo Training days

The next planned training dates for our Flair software, including basic Milo motion control rig training will be on the 20th-22nd November. The days are for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, in that order. If you would like to register or get more information please contact us.

Please call +44-(0)1342 838 000 or email info@mrmoco.com to book your place.

Motion Control Tutorial

Motion Control Tutorial from Mark Roberts Motion Control on Vimeo.

This motion control tutorial is the most comprehensive, simple to understand explanation of what motion control is and how it is used in the TV and film industry. Over 25 mins you will be introduced to the Milo Motion Control rig, the most widely known and used motion control rig in the world. You will also see examples of how various motion control techniques were employed to produce the resulting footage. For more information on the Milo or to see the full range of motion control rigs visit www.mrmoco.com

Mark Roberts Tributes

Mark Roberts 11th September 1931 - 23 May 2012

Tributes have been pouring in for Mark Roberts who founded Mark Roberts Film Services in 1966, this later became Mark Roberts Motion Control ltd as it is today. Mark’s Family would like to say a heartfelt thank-you for the hundreds of messages received.
Here follows a small sample of them:

“Please accept my sincere condolences on Mark Roberts’ passing. Please also send my sympathy to your colleagues at Mark Roberts Motion Control. My work would not be possible without Mark Roberts’ background in developing motion control systems, and without your work on the design of the Milo. I am very grateful to both of you, and proud to work with a Milo as it has made a lot of otherwise impossible work a reality”.

Best regards, Mario
Mario Godlewski Studio. New York

“Please give my condolences to the family. I have worked with a MRMC controlled Neilson Hordell Rostrum for many years. Mark spend some time at our facility to fix a technical problem. I have asked him if I had to book a Hotel for him. “No I will sleep next to the computer until I have fixed the problem” was his answer. And he did and made some improvements as well. This was in the seventies at NLF in Loenen in the Netherlands. Alex de Heus was one of the freelance animation camera operators at my Optical House.

I remember Marc as a very bright and friendly person. His technical achievements have changed the industry.
A last farewell to Mark he will not be forgotten”.

Stephan Danser
NoWorries Film Productions

“I am very sorry to hear of Mark’s passing and my condolences to his friends and family. While I only actually met him on very few occasions, I have been using the products of his imagination and engineering skills for over 25 years, on MC rigs, optical printers and rostrums. There is no question in my mind that without Mark, the world of visual imagery and VFX would be still in the dark ages. His products allowed the wild ideas of many people to be created without too much fuss and to a quality only imagined in the not too distant past.  His legacy will live on far into the future and on into many coming generations of film makers”.

John Swinnerton.. Peerless Camera Company

“So sad to hear of Mark’s  passing. I’ve fond memories of Mark and the MRFS days when I was a young rostrum cameraman at Greendow in Manchester – Mark supplied one of the first computerised systems on the aerial image rostrum. They were pioneering days – Mark would spend hours – many into the night – sorting out problems on the system. It wasn’t unusual for Mark to catch a quick “40 winks” with a stepper motor still in his hand !  “Mark, is it possible to… ”  and it was. Mark stayed at our house on a number of occasions during those times and was an interesting guest and a real gentleman.

Truly a great innovator and a game changer in our industry. Our thoughts are with all the family and all at MRMC”.

Neil Wieteska.. Stalwartfilms

“This is sad news for our industry.
Mr Roberts was an innovator and changed the way things were done.
We must celebrate his life and his accomplishments, that’s the legacy he created for us.

A Truly remarkable life”.

Walter Schulz. Director. Initial States Pictures

“I bring hereby my condolences to all at Mark Roberts that grew up with Mark like me during this long period that we worked together
(I lost exact bout but close to 34 years):

In the late 70’s, when still working as a rostrum cameraman I met Mark for the first time, when starting to work with the computerized Neilson Hordell rostrum camera. During all those years that followed I have been starting to feel part of the family.

I will always remember Mark’s and Ann’s warm welcome every time I visited the factory in East Grinstead and the numerous times they guest me in their house.

Mark was an excellent engineer and a remarkable and nice person and I will always remember him with warmth in my heart.

I wish Sophie and Matthew and all the family strength with the loss of Mark”.

Alex de Heus. The Netherlands

“Sincerest condolences to Mark Roberts family. Also to the staff at MRMC. My earliest memory of Mark was when I was 16 years old and working at Cell Animation. Mark came to Cell for a meeting with Paul O’Hagan on this particular occasion, and Mark had to wait for Paul.

I went back to the waiting room to inform Mark that Paul was on his way, and rather than reading a newspaper or a magazine, Mark was sat with a massive leather-bound volume containing complex mathematical equations and data. This totally blew my mind, and made a lasting impression on this 16 year old with his professionalism and the dedication he had to strive to be the best at what he did”.

Dennis Henry
MC2 Motion Control

“Hello to Matt and all the Mark Roberts Family and co-workers,

Please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of your Father and the founder of Mark Roberts Motion Control.

I only met him once at a Cinec Show in Munich about 10 years ago and we hada very pleasant conversation.

His contributions to the world of motion control will be long remembered and live on in productions all over the world”.

Joe Lewis. General Lift

“Mark was unquestionably the greatest engineer I have ever had the privilege to work with. He was also a man whose ability to observe, to think freely and to tolerate, were inspirational to me. My life has been the better for knowing Mark and I am proud to have been his friend”.

Tim Richardson. 

24 May 2012

 Contact Details: www.mrmoco.com email: info@mrmoco.com T: 01342 838 000


MRMC for Space Exploration

MRMC for Space Exploration

Mark Roberts Motion Control equipment used in the exploration of Space? Yes! MRMC are proud to have provided equipment used for the development of space craft being developed by two separate companies developing the next generation of craft to replace the retired space shuttle. The companies involved are developing the different aspects of the space craft that will be docking with the international space station. Boeing Aerospace (www.boeing.com) chose to use a Modula rig for their development of their equipment while Space-X (www.spacex.com) used a Milo for testing their docking sequences and verifying the accuracy of their equipment. Both rigs proved invaluable in developing the automated docking sequence that will be used to join the craft to the international space station in space.

Courtesy of NASA



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