Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne

Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne

Kinetic Camera in Toronto recently completed shots for the feature film Max Payne, due to be released in October this year. We can’t give you any images at this time, but we can tell you that one of the scenes was an establishing shot of Max, played by Mark Wahlberg, in which the Milo was used to create a 360 degree move around him. The scene was shot in a 20ft square bedroom set, 12ft above the studio floor, and comprised two passes – with a change in lighting, set decoration, wardrobe and make-up.

The other scene was a Phantom camera shot at 1000 frames per second, using a rig, Flair software and MRMC hardware.

Kinetic Camera recently also shot a commercial spot for department store ‘The Bay’. A high speed rig was used controlled with MRMC hardware and Flair software. A Phantom camera shooting at 1000fps was tracked at high speed and repeated for several layers, on three different scenes.

Click on the two pictures below to see this footage, these are passes recorded directly from the Phantom playback and composited together – not the edited versions used in the commercial – but they show the effect nicely.




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