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Developments at MRMC

Developments at MRMC
Looking back over 2005 we’ve had an astonishing year. It saw the development of new handwheels, an Ulti-head track system, a motion base interface, new panbars, a broadcast touchscreen interface, new lens control motors, a high definition interface and numerous new software features in Flair. We hosted a number of well attended demonstration days all over the world, collaborated with a host of international companies and designers.  Finally shipping record numbers of Ulti-heads in the last month.  We have no doubt 2006 will be equally an expanding and exciting year, with some impressive new developments soon to emerge from our R&D departments. Of course we will be keeping you reguarly informed with our Motion Control Update Newsletter.
And for those of you practicing the art of Motion Control, we’d love to hear what you are up to and what you would like to see developed from us here at Mark Roberts Motion Control.

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