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SIGGRAPH 2007 Best of Show Award for ARK

SIGGRAPH 2007 Best of Show Award for ARK

The new short animated film “Ark” by Grzegorz ‘Greg’ Jonkajtys (director, producer) and Marcin Kobylecki (producer), has received a number of awards this year including the Best of Show award at SIGGRAPH 07. Shot using the Milo from Platige Image mounted (as you can see in the photos) with a digital stills camera, the film was produced as a collaborative effort with the crew based in Poland and in the US. Greg who normally works for CafeFX, produced and directed after-hours from the US, while Marcin, based in Poland oversaw the Milo production. It was shot using a Nikon D70, with special software to trigger the Milo motion control system and the camera.

The film talks about a man trying to save the last remaining healthy humans from a deadly virus outbreak. He has arranged to gather the healthy few on these big ships, and travels the ocean in hope to find disease-free parts of the Earth. Suddenly, he finds out that he himself is sick. The virus managed to come aboard the ship, but what he doesn’t know though, is the true essence of the disease. This is the story.

Milo showing Nikon D70 mounted to the front of the head

One of the Ark interiors

Milo going into set

This is not the first award-winning film for staff from Platige Image, who’s credits include an Oscar nomination for The Cathedral, and the critically acclaimed Fallen Art.

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