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Camera Control Inc based in Los Angeles took delivery of two Ulti-heads from Mark Roberts Motion Control in December last year adding to their two Milos and  Panther dolly.

Operators Chris Toth and Jan Beran both seriously contemplating just how good the Ultihead is!

Manager, Jason Rau had this to say “After many years of lugging around a very clunky repeatable head system we were more then excited to hear that MRMC head developed a new portable moco head. With its lightweight design, ease of setup and low cost the decision to purchase an Ulti-head proved to be an easy one. We couldn’t be happier with our two Ulti-heads and are gearing up to buy a couple more!!”
Operator Digna and Malcolm WoolridgeThe VFX co  based in London recently invested in the purchase of an Ulti-Head pictured here with owners & operators Malcolm Wooldridge and Digna Nigoumi. Their already impressive collection of Motion Control equipment consists of a Super Cyclops, two Milos, an Eiger Carbon fibre crane system, a Juno, a mini rig dolly system and a 6 axis Motion base.
Rob Delicata of VFX says “In purchasing the Ulti-Head we are responding to our clients requests for more portable, compact and cost effective moco solutions. Primarily we see this new piece of equipment being used on restricted or low budget projects where space and location are an issue. The Ulti-Head also allows us to offerstand alone motion control repeat head for work on cranes or tripods where only pan, tilt, focus and zoom are required. Alternatively it can be mounted to our mini rig system allowing us to offer the track axis as well. Not only do we feel that we have invested in another piece of MRMC equipment that will prove to be very successful but it’s a perfect solution for our ever growing needs!”

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