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We are proud to announce the that the Ulti-head as well being offered as a full motion control head now has an option which allows it to be purchased as a stand alone remote repeat head, without the Flair software. Connecting the Ulti-head to the newly developed MSA-20 handwheels, allows the head to be operated completely independently of any PC or knowledge of software. Simply plug in the handwheels and the head is ready for use. This means that the Ulti-Head can be supplied and operated without the use of  Flair software and the associated electronics and laptop. It is a totally intuitive system that can be operated by anyone with no more than a few minutes of training. Ideal for dry-hiring to productions and cameramen with little or no technical knowledge.
As a remote head the MSA-20 handwheels (or optional pan-bars) provide smooth operation and allow the movement to be recorded for repeat operations. Handwheel scalings and directions can be changed for user preference using a simple LCD screen and stored in the on board memory. Recorded moves are also stored in the MSA-20’s on-board memory and can be played back again and again. If additional move storage is required or data for post-production, then a simple serial port import and export facility will be provided.
The MSA-20 allows the versatile Ulti-Head to be used as a pure remote head system, where motion control is not a requirement. Because of its lightweight construction you can place loads & cameras of up to 35kg when mounted on a tripod or dolly and compared to similar products less counter balancing is required therefore allowing the operator a much faster response. The handwheels themselves can be converted to use with the full motion control package by a flick of a switch and connecting to Flair. The next facility will see the evolution of wireless controls.


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