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New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig

*** New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig ***

New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMI) is the first University in the USA to have acquired a Mark Roberts Motion Control Rig. Derek Fisher, the program’s Director of Animation and Visual Effects was appointed to head the effort to develop and equip CMI’s Motion Lab and Sound Stage so that faculty and students can pursue student competencies and projects meeting or exceeding industry standards. The recently acquired motion control system provides a tool critically important to their program ambitions. Professor Fisher has a background as a Previsualization Designer and worked on such films as “Minority Report” and “Panic Room” which provided his first experience with motion control as well as working with Method Studios and Camera Control Inc. in Santa Monica on visual effects intensive commercials that used the Milo Motion Control Rig. Fisher believes that an MRMC Rig is a priority for the new program curriculum and is highly relevant to a new animation and visual effects program. When deciding on which rig would best suite the program, the flexibility and mobility of the Modula Rig made it a perfect choice. It can be transported to work sites, set up in a classroom or used on a high-end sound stages. With help from MRMC Engineer Peter Rush, CMI taught their first Motion Control workshop with great success. They are currently implementing the rig into Visual Effects courses and senior thesis projects.

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