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Samsung 3D TV commercial, A New Dimension

Samsung 3D TV commercial, A New Dimension

Rogue Films approached Ian Menzies with the project of shooting a commercial for Samsung’s first LED 3D TV. The aim was to create a 3D feel to a 2D image. The Director, Sam Brown and DP, Damien Morisot wanted to have a handheld look to all of the camera moves shot with the motion control rig. After several meetings and tests at MRMC the theory and method was proven.

The location for the shoot was Buenos Aires, Argentina. The commercial was shot on film with an Arri 435. Three days were spent on location shooting TV monitors with blue screens that had been installed around the city, in parks, bus stops, outside shops, on sidewalks, etc. Three days were then spent in the studio shooting the content for the TVs.


 Ian Menzies said, “We took the moves shot on location and repeated these for the TV content. In some cases the move had to be scaled, for example the popcorn shot.  After shooting a long track shot at the location, we then shot the popcorn for the content of the TV. The popcorn was in a small box, so we scaled the move down 12 times to make it look large on screen and then shot it fast at 125 FPS to slow it down on screen”

Once composited the resulting footage made it so that as you are watching the TV and you move around the TV, the content on the TV moves in relation giving a sense of relative perspective and creating a
3D feel.

The motion control rig for the job was the Talos, quick to set up for the location shooting and ideal for the required studio shooting. MRMC Mimic Pan Bars were used by the DP to control the pan and tilt of the camera and give the shots the handheld feel they wanted to achieve.

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