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Cheryl Cole, Three Words Music Video

Cheryl Cole, Three Words Music Video

Cheryl Cole’s “Three Words” music video had the concept of one camera move for the duration of the video with a second camera breaking off to film an alternative camera path then rejoining the existing camera.  It would have been extremely hard to achieve this programming a motion control rig hence we relied heavily on revised moves from the post production company (The Mill).  The moves were solved on set using IKTRIX motion control move-solver software and where then simply fed into MRMC Flair and the rig then performed the moves. The restrictions in the set meant that the track had to be laid in a position that could achieve the entire move.  It was necessary for motion control, 3D and Director to work closely together on set within tight time scales to achieve satisfactory results.
This was a hugely challenging project given the usual time scales of music videos however it was great that everyone worked together to achieve a good end result.  Ultimately it was very encouraging to see that 3D, motion control and creativity can be achieved spontaneously on set.

 Ceryl Cole

Click here to see the “Three Words Music Video” or on the video image above.

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