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MRMC at Cine Gear Expo, Los Angeles

MRMC at Cine Gear Expo, Los Angeles

 BIRTV2010 3-4 June 2011,
Los Angeles
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MRMC will be exhibiting again this year at Cine Gear, Paramount Pictures Studio Lot.
On display and available for demo will be some of our smaller rigs, the Ulti-Head and

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Everyone is welcome to visit. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Modula’ Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

The Modula’ Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

This month saw the debut of the latest addition to the Modula’ Rig, its new jib arm, at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Show in London.

The Modula Rig’ is now on its way to Poland, where the new owners, TPS, are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The Modula’ rig is a complete motion control concept allowing the user to pick and choose the size of the rig depending on the shoot requirements. The highly versatile Ulti-Head (a full motion control pan and tilt head) which together with the Modula’ base, makes up the simplest motion control rig. If the user requires lift, the Modula rig’s telescopic lift column is simply added.

If additional height or reach is required then the head can be mounted on the rig’s jib arm, which adds extra height and an additional rotate axis. The modular design of the system is not only good for different shoot requirements but also for budgetary requirements, as companies can start with a simple head and track system and gradually expand the kit as the budget and need arises.

This is exactly what TPS did, initially purchasing just the head and the track, then over a period of a year purchasing the lift column, then jib arm and additional rails.

Due to its versatility the Modula’ Rig has come to be nicknamed “the transformer of motion control rigs”.

Click here for more videos, information, and specs on the Modula Rig

For more information on the Modula’ rig contact info@mrmoco.com







*** Dulux Let’s Colour Project ***

*** Dulux Let’s Colour Project ***

Working with Stink UK and Director Adam Berg (well known in the moco world as the Director of “Carousel” for Phillips, shot using the Milo by the VFX Co.) Let’s Colour was shot over five weeks and took us to four continents. The shoot started in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and ended in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India with a couple of days in Paris and London in between.


Ulti-Head on track in Rio (left) and in Jodphur (right)

 In Rio and Jodhpur Stink UK required a light weight system with pan tilt and tracking of up to 30m that could be checked in as luggage and flown to these locations with the crew. We customed a rig with the Ulti-Head on track with a belt system that would allow the rig to run on standard dolly rail. In Paris and London the Talos was used with 21m of track. For fill in and multiple viewpoints we used the SFH-30 with DSLR cameras.

Most of the shooting was done using ten or twenty second exposures shooting preplanned moves, with the Arri 435. For the variable speed moves we ramped the camera using the features in Flair from these low frame rates up to 25 fps as part of the move.

See links below to watch the Director’s Cut and the making of.

Talos in Paris (top)
and in London school yard with the SFH-30 (below)

            Click here to watch the Director’s Cut               

Click here to watch the making of

Ulti Head on track shoot, Gordon Ramsay: Cook Along Live

Ulti Head on track shoot, Gordon Ramsay: Cook Along Live

Freelance Operator Ian Menzies recently did a shoot in conjunction with Kontrol Freax and MRMC for a Channel 4 commercial, Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live.

Using the Ulti-Head on track and a Genesis camera the first day was spent shooting Gordon. Mimic pan bars were used to control the pan and tilt of the Ulti-Head to get a certain feel that the Director and Operator were after. The next day multi-passes were shot of the extras. Click on the picture below or the link underneath to see the full commercial.

Click here to see the commercial

A 3rd Axis for the Ulti-Head

A 3rd Axis for the Ulti-Head 

Mark Roberts Motion Control are proud to announce their latest new option for the high precision pan-tilt Ulti-Head, the MRMC manufactured full roll or 3rd axis. This option was also released at this year’s IBC and was shown on the Talos rig. The 3rd axis can take a wide range of cameras, having an extra large roll opening to give easy access to the camera and lens.

For more info contact us on info@mrmoco.com



The Ulti-Head – Head to head with a Gorilla

The Ulti-Head – Head to head with a Gorilla

Camera Control Inc. in Santa Monica have over the past several months shot several commercials using their Ulti-Head including this one below for AMP. The Ulti-Head was used on numerous shots allowing the stunt sequences of a gorilla crashing through a glass window to be combined with extras and actors in the cafe scene. The extras and actors were shot safely with one pass. The stunt sequence with gorilla was then shot separately. These passes were then composited in post production.



Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment?

Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment?

In a recent survey conducted by Mark Roberts Motion Control we found that one of the services you wanted from us was advice and options of what to rent and where to rent motion control equipment from. We are more than happy to offer this service and answer any questions relating to rentals.

You can always call us on +44 (0) 1342 838 000 or email info@mrmoco.com

Motion Control in Colleges and Universities

Motion Control in Colleges and Universities

An increasing number of media, film and computer graphics degree courses are including motion control as a major part of their curriculum. While motion control has been a standard part of filming and special FX for many years, it has rarely been given as much importance at higher education levels, often because it was so rarely discussed by the top post-production companies unwilling to give away tricks of the trade. Now the secret is out and motion control equipment is finding its way into many different academic facilities, all over the world. Here we feature three who were supplied with equipment last year.


Last year one of the Motion Control systems supplied was a Talos II (also known as a Mini-Milo) to the Visual Media Lab at Kaist University in Korea. The motion control rig is installed in the same studio as their motion capture equipment, and has been successfully used by their graduates as part of their media course. Here is an example of a project created by three students, consisting of an advertisement for a board game.

Click here to see the board game advert.

Click here to visit Visual Media Lab at Kaist University

The Talos II at Kaist University

The Talos II at Kaist University

The Talos II at Kaist University


Last year the Birmingham City University acquired the Milo and have been using it to train their students on motion control. Recently the University was approached by Quench Design to shoot the new title sequence for Maverick TV’s production “How to Look Good Naked” using the university’s Milo.

This is the first time the Department of Visual Communication at the university has collaborated with an industry partner on such a live project and the enormous benefits of such an arrangement are already apparent. Birmingham based production companies are watching developments with interest and other projects are in the pipeline. Two final year students are working as stylists on the shoot and others are involved with rehearsal and preparation. The experience is proving invaluable for the undergraduates and clearly signals a new direction for the university in the way it can contribute to creative activity within the region.

The Milo motion control studio at Birmingham City University


The School of Computing at the University of Teesside maintains state of the art equipment across all areas of its work. The University has recently built a new post production/sound stage studio. They have also equipped themselves with motion control technology and are up and running with the Ulti-Head and Modula Base from Mark Roberts Motion Control.

The Ulti-Head and Modula Base at the University of Teesside

The Ulti-Head and Modula Base at the University of Teesside


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